IBM Open P-Tech: skills for the relaunch

IBM Open P-Tech: skills for the relaunch
IBM has just announced an interesting initiative for Italy and for Italians. Anyone who lived last spring with the specter of too much time ahead and too few goals in mind, this time could make the most of the opportunities available so that, when the time comes for the relaunch, everyone can become a tool for growth: the idea of IBM takes shape in the new "Open P-Tech", a free training platform for learning digital skills.

IBM Open P-Tech

A clear consequence of the social isolation that the pandemic has imposed on us is the increasingly massive exposure to new technologies, new interaction platforms, new collaborative productivity tools, new devices, new languages. Suddenly students, teachers, professionals and employees of public administrations found themselves dealing with rapidly changing realities, forcibly exposed to new contexts in which to operate with the skills of the digital world. It was not easy for everyone and for some it was not even possible.

This is why, alongside the Reignite Skillbuild and the P-Tech "Digital Experts", IBM now proposes a new platform with different objectives, hinges and protagonists: "The Open P-TECH platform allows students to acquire the training credits necessary for their school career. In October 2016, IBM accepted the invitation from MIUR to join the "Champions for alternation" project. This school-work alternation project, now called PCTO (Path for transversal skills and orientation), at the time of the coronavirus emergency necessarily had to be remodeled in order to allow children access even remotely.

In just a few weeks, 240 students have already enrolled on the platform to choose those courses that best integrate with their training ".

The pandemic has accelerated the technological transformation in our country: new ways of learning will have to allow us to keep pace, even at a distance, if we want to equip the new generations with the relevant skills for the digital age and the labor market. On the one hand, it is an important challenge that we can only face from an ecosystem perspective, promoting a new and consolidated alliance between public and private individuals, on the other hand it represents a great opportunity to better prepare our human capital.

Enrico Cereda, President and CEO of IBM Italy

There are no particular requirements to access it except for the ambition to take a step in the right direction: the platform is open and provides online forms useful for earning a certificate digital that testifies to the skills acquired: "There are 12 courses on emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and cloud computing and courses on methodologies such as Agile and Design Thinking, aimed at increasing professional skills".

Anyone want to register on the platform and use the material made available by IBM, please refer to this address.

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