Epicode: Web developer course to find work immediately

Epicode: Web developer course to find work immediately
The job market is going through a completely unique moment, but in the midst of the many risks of this phase there are also some obvious opportunities available for those who have the desire and tenacity to get involved. These opportunities are on the front of web developers, where the supply of professionals is never enough to offset the growing demand (so much so that, according to the latest data available, as many as 40% of companies are having difficulty in finding developers for their projects. ). Epicode is the online school that tries to give an answer on both fronts: it creates professionals able to quickly position themselves on the job market, but at the same time also collects the demand for developers and finally puts the parties in contact for an immediate placement. br>
Epicode therefore deals with both training and job search, developing real courses to work by teaching its students the most used programming languages, those that can quickly turn into value for the person concerned.

Epicode seeks, forms, offers

Epicode is the answer to a clear need manifested not only by young people, not only by companies, but by an entire society which, on the efficiency of the work will be able to measure their expectations and their ability to respond to the demands of the near future. The investment for those who intend to catapult into this opportunity is simply in the commitment and in the ability to set a clear goal: the path ends in three months, after which the doors to the market will open and you will have become active members of that community. of professionals available.

Each path completed successfully will be one more web developer within a market that can build an enormous amount of work and opportunities on each individual developer: a virtuous cycle destined to trigger starting from how many talents will be able to capture.

The Epicode course presents itself with specific characteristics that make it quite peculiar. This is not the traditional professional course, because on Epicode the opinions are concordant: it is not so much a stamp to add to your curriculum, as a real vector that enriches the curriculum itself before bringing it directly to the desk of those who will have extreme interest in its evaluation. Epicode is therefore selection, it is training, but above all it is the closing of the circle with a final placement where the demand had emerged prematurely. This is why Epicode is not the roll of a dice, but a targeted bet.

To clearly describe these aspects are the very characteristics of the course:

online, allowing thus the maximum flexibility in terms of commitment, calendar and timetable. Everyone can decline the course on the basis of their previous skills, as well as on the basis of their ability to learn. The lessons take place in "bootcamp" mode, with a personal coach always available to whom you can contact at any time to overcome any difficulties encountered along the learning path; fast and intensive, since in just three months, thanks to a promiscuous teaching method (70% practical and 30% theoretical, based on the best practices experienced in the sector), it is able to train the professional figures that the market requires and with a proven effectiveness that the market itself has already rewarded; accessible, transparent and virtuous: not only is the cost lower than any joint master, but the payment is also declined in a formula that can only be appreciated. The overall cost is in fact divided into two parts, the second of which will be due only and only if Epicode has fulfilled its promise to find a job for the person concerned at the end of the training course; concrete, because the course was born not on a theoretical basis with the sole purpose of producing professional figures attributable to some label, but naturally arises from the dense and continuous dialogue with companies. Epicode, in short, does not start from the offer of professionals to try to create a demand for jobs, but follows the opposite path: it investigates the offer of jobs in companies, then looks for the best candidates to train them and get to the final match between the two parties; epic, because it travels on the long wave of a revolutionary approach: innovative teaching methods, the bet on their training for which Epicode assumes part of the burden and responsibility, the continuous remodeling of the teaching contents and the close dialogue with the company terminals represent completely new elements in the context of vocational training. But on the other hand, one cannot act on a market that is dynamic by its very vocation if not by making this dynamism a dogma of its own identity. Epicode seeks and offers, forms and unites, shapes and composes: it is the glue between two areas which - according to the market itself - speak two different languages ​​and struggle to find mutual understanding. Too often the result is the general inability to manage one's career path on the one hand and one's own growth opportunities on the other. The risk is that on both fronts you pay a heavy price not so much for your own incapacity, but for difficult contextual conditions that make it impossible to match supply and demand, which in the economy defines both the quantity of opportunities and the price of the same. The salary of a web developer is largely in the exact placement of the same, bringing the skills exactly where they are needed: Epicode tries to play this role by creating pawns on a well-known chessboard, on which however a valid chessboard has been missing for too long strategy.

The job market, the developer problem

The problems related to the absence of ad hoc professional figures on the job market has been going on for many years now, so much to encourage real intervention policies to favor a certain type of training among the youngest so that they can more easily embrace the world of development. Finding web developers, full stack developers, front end developers or other similar figures has become complex since it means operating in a context with a chronic absence of professional figures. This represents a serious pitfall for companies, but at the same time a great opportunity for the youngest or for those who are trying to relocate to the market. The data paint a striking picture: 160,000 jobs remain vacant every year: of these, nearly 30,000 are web developer positions, a figure who must have the ability to combine technical skills with creative qualities to put this alchemy at the service of company objectives.

Faced with this question still unanswered, in Italy alone more than two million "NEETs" ("Not Engaged in Education, Employment or Training “, ie young people who are not employed and not engaged in any training course), the unemployment rate among graduates is 23% and even among graduates, placement in a satisfactory job seems to be something increasingly complex. The data therefore highlight an obvious discrepancy, an economic and social fracture that the entire society - but above all a specific generational segment - risks paying dearly. Something has broken both in the direction of the youngest, who outside the training phase are faced with a desert of opportunities, and in the ability to fill a lack of professionalism that the market would strongly need. Calling it an emergency is anything but exaggerated, because a generation without work and without training is a generation without hope for the future.

The solution, however, requires neither investments, nor new labor policies, nor tables of special consultation: it is simply necessary to develop a right awareness, married to a necessary platform of interconnection between two worlds often unable to communicate, so that those looking for opportunities can find them and those looking for talents can have new ones available. Opportunity is the spark that can generate more jobs than you imagine and Epicode intends to work exactly on this aspect: to train people capable of acting both front end and back end, professionals able to field the skills necessary to be able to take over the company mission and transform it into code.

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