Demon's Souls PS5: how to heal character health

Demon's Souls PS5: how to heal character health
The gaming experience in Demon's Souls Remake for Playstation 5 is certainly not the lightest, and you will probably very often suffer considerable damage from the enemies you encounter on your path.

Especially in the first part of the game, a very brief moment of inattention could be enough to fall victim to the murderous fury of the demons and enemies scattered throughout the lands of Boletaria, including those of the lowest level. Here, then, that the different objects come in handy that will allow you to recover at least part of your lost health, in order to avoid an inglorious death and continue on your journey.

Unlike what happens in the Dark Souls series, where players can heal themselves by consuming Estus flasks, in Demon's Souls the possibility of recovering health is entrusted to a series of herbs, each with a different healing power from the others. Ideally you can carry dozens of herbs of all kinds during your adventure, in much higher quantities than what is possible to do with the Dark Souls Estus flasks, but unlike the latter, each herb will have its own specific weight, and carry too many. with you it could cause the total weight of your equipment to grow dramatically.

Inside Demon's Souls you will find a total of 6 different healing herbs, which you can use by equipping them inside one of the item slots for quick use, and activating them during the game by pressing the Square button:

Growing Grass - returns 120 HP Half Grass - returns 240 HP Waning Grass - returns 400 HP Full Grass - returns 600 HP New Grass - completely heals lost health Dark Grass - completely heals lost health and cancels all impediments applied to the character (such as poisoning) As an alternative to herbs, there is another method to recover the health of your character: this operation is also possible using one of the different healing miracles present in the game. To cast them, however, you will need to have a talisman equipped in a slot for a weapon and the necessary statistics, in particular the Faith, to be able to use it (variable depending on the power of the miracle itself). Remember, too, that using miracles will consume your character's mana bar, like any other spell, so you should be careful not to end your ability to use this special healing system prematurely.

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