Demon's Souls: how to play co-op on Playstation 5

Demon's Souls: how to play co-op on Playstation 5
In all likelihood, you will find yourself facing the adventure of Demon's Souls alone, but know that during the game you will be able to take advantage of the cooperative mode and the help that your friends and other players can provide you during the exploration and the battles with the bosses.

Demon's Souls play co-op

The cooperative mode of Demon's Souls, similar to what happens in the Dark Souls series, can be activated by summoning another player to your world, a process that can be activated by touching the sign summoning left by the player himself on the ground within his world. Depending on the server you are on, if you are connected to the internet you will be able to view different evocation signs during the exploration, and you can summon up to a maximum of 3 players at the same time to team up with you and try to make the progression to the interior of the kingdom of Boletaria much easier. Be careful though, because you can only see the evocation marks left by other players, including friends, if you are in human form, and you will therefore have to try to recover it before you can start any type of cooperative.

To be sure of being able to see the summoning sign left on the ground by a friend, go to the Settings menu and select the option to change the Network settings. Within the next screen you will find the option to set up a private network server: do it and assign a password to it, which you will then have to share with the friends with whom you want to share the cooperative experience: they will then have to access the same menu as the network settings, and enter the same password in the appropriate field. If you have performed this short procedure correctly and successfully, as soon as your friend leaves their summoning mark on the ground, you should be able to see it and summon their character into your game. Of course, in order for you to see the summoning sign, you will need to be physically in the same spot on the map as your adventure companion.

If you have to leave your summoning sign to make an appearance in your friend's world, here's what you need to do. After reaching the Nexus for the first time and having made the acquaintance of the Monumental, an extremely mysterious and cryptic character, you will have to talk to the woman dressed in black who plays the role of maid of the Nexus, who after the dialogue will give you a copy of Blue Eye Stone. The latter, if consumed, will allow you to leave your sign of evocation on the ground in the point where you are at that moment, and if you have followed the procedure that we have previously explained, this sign will be visible to your friends.
Tackling the challenges of Demon's Souls together with some friends, or other players, in cooperative mode will allow you to significantly increase your chances of survival, especially against bosses, such as the difficult battle against the Knight of the Tower. If you want to know more about the game, we recommend that you take a look at our review of Demon's Souls for PS5.

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