Xbox Series X, Game Pass and Xbox All Access: essentials for Phil Spencer

Xbox Series X, Game Pass and Xbox All Access: essentials for Phil Spencer
During a rich speech during the Gamelab Live event, Phil Spencer shared a wide range of considerations on what will be the transition to the next generation of Microsoft consoles.

The head of the gaming division of Casa di Redmond has particularly wanted to highlight the importance of offering the public a wide range of options and consumer models. In this sense, he said, subscription models will play a particularly important role on the occasion of the debut of the Xbox Series X.

Among the latter, Spencer has particularly emphasized the Xbox All program Access, a plan that allows you to buy an Xbox One and take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass by paying a monthly fee of $ 19.99. Interestingly, the purchase plan provides for the possible upgrade to Xbox Series X at the time of the next gen release. The plan, said Spencer, has been very successful so far, but is limited by its presence in only three markets (USA, UK and Australia), but the manager invites us to expect an expansion of the territories involved.

The face of the Xbox universe has also highlighted the fact that the gaming industry should take note of the difficult economic situation that is characterizing 2020, trying to offer more options to the public. "Whether it's Game Pass and the ability to have access to hundreds of low-priced games every month or things like Xbox All Access that allow you to access the new generation without the big initial investment, I think these are important things with the situation. economy in the world ".

During the speech, Phil Spencer commented on the PS5 event for the presentation of line up and console design.

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