WikiLeaks: new accusations from the USA against Assange

WikiLeaks: new accusations from the USA against Assange
Julian Assange's position is further complicated. Further indictments have been made against the WikiLeaks founder, who is currently still detained in the UK pending justice on the US extradition request.

Julian Assange: new indictments from the United States

Among the new accusations also the one that refers to having provided one of the leaders of the LulzSec group, at the time already an FBI informant, a list of targets to target with targeted actions, aimed at stealing confidential information and documents. CIA, NSA and the New York Times magazine are among the targets. The new documents published by the overseas Justice Department also directly mention Anonymous and the request to implement spam campaigns.

Assange is believed by the United States to be involved in the series of cyber attacks that in the months preceding the Presidential 2016 led to the publication of confidential documents regarding the then democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. A story that according to what has been affirmed by many parties, together with foreign interference aimed at influencing public opinion, would have contributed to the result that came out of the ballot box, bringing Donald Trump to the White House a little by surprise.

Born in 1971 , today the Australian activist is in the London detention facility HM Prison Belmarsh in poor health conditions. At the end of March, his lawyers asked for his release on payment of a deposit to avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19, a request rejected by the sender.

Source: The United States Department of Justice

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