Trump on Parler: away from Facebook and Twitter?

Trump on Parler: away from Facebook and Twitter?
The Facebook and Twitter interventions on Trump's posts, with fact checking and removal of the advertisements, did not leave the US President and his staff indifferent, daily engaged in the election campaign in view of the call to the polls next autumn. The tycoon and its entourage are considering abandoning the two best known social networks in the world in favor of a lesser known alternative: Parler.

Trump's election campaign on Parler?

Founded in August 2018 by CEO John Matze, it is considered a less severe platform for posts and content with a questionable nature. According to Wikipedia, in less than two years it has become the favorite destination of those who have been banned from online beaches such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit, gaining in particular the sympathies and the favor of conspiracy theorists and the far right. In short, something not too different from Gab.

A move of this type would however cause Trump an important damage in terms of audience reached: his accounts on the main social media today attract the attention of over 110 million followers in the United States, 30 million on Facebook and 82 million on Twitter. To date, Parler slightly exceeds one million subscribers, an infinitesimal share compared to that of the two giants just mentioned, even if the growth rate has been important with the number of profiles tenfold in just twelve months.

platform is already active Brad Parscale, Campaign Manager who controls the election campaign of the Republican candidate for re-election to the White House. This could somehow favor the transition which, however, at the moment, seems to have been only assessed and not planned.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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