Denise Gough in The Witcher 3: all video games voiced by Yennefer's voice

Denise Gough in The Witcher 3: all video games voiced by Yennefer's voice
Let's go back to the fantasy universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski and discover the dark secrets of magic together with Denise Gough, an established actress and voice actress of international fame as well as the voice of the dark Yennefer in The Witcher 3.

Voluble, stubborn and if provoked prone to unparalleled anger the sorceress of Vanderberg is one of the characters who has most conquered fans of The Witcher video games, but who above all has managed to tame the wild and solitary spirit of Geralt of Rivia despite the furious quarrels and periods of distance between the two. Like many members of the magical community, Yennefer is also sterile and there is no book or adventure in which she does not desperately pursue a remedy or a spell that modifies her condition, generating in her an obsession that will lead her into an unbridled search for powers without equal. In the previous chapters for consoles the sorceress had already been presented, but it is only in Wild Hunt that it comes to life thanks to the dubbing of Gough, who before approaching virtual adventures had a brilliant career in theater that continues today.

The video games dubbed by the Irish actress are not many, but all have contributed to the development and progress of the video game culture: we heard it in Mass Effect Andromeda in the multiple roles of Kiiran Dals, Zorai and Anjik Do Xeel , and in Dragon Quest Heroes II where he voiced Alena, Queen of Ingenia and Empyrea, while in Divinity Dragon Commander he gave voice to the character of Catherine. Other Gough appearances have been in Star Wars Battlefront and XCOM 2, in which he played minor roles.

a Few weeks ago, Gough has been booked for Cassian Andor , a spin-off of the universe lucasian with Diego Luna, and also for the waiting series prequel to Game of Thrones . If you have lost it please refer to our study on the voice actor of Geralt of Rivia and discover the latest, seductive cosplay of Yennefer and Triss .

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