The Last Guardian as Killzone 2?

The Last Guardian as Killzone 2?
The trailer of The Last Guardian, which everyone now knows and which we offer you with the technical comments of Digital Foundry, has literally conquered millions of players worldwide. Fumito Ueda's works continue to whet our fantasies with their rarefied atmospheres, with that enchantment of distant worlds, melancholic and full of solitude. The directorial touch, the editing between "alleged" in-game films and the musical theme accompanying the images are certainly of excellent quality.

The video shown on the mega screen during the Sony conference at E3 2009 therefore centered the heart of the audience and deservedly won one of the most lasting and heartfelt applause. We therefore leave you to watch the video, suggesting (if your connection allows it) to enjoy it in high definition by clicking on the appropriate option.

This wonder is clearly the work of a profound work accomplished with familiarity towards on the reference hardware, yet there are some elements that allow us to doubt the actual extrapolation from the gameplay scenes. It is strange to note that in some parts there is a fair use of antialiasing filters, while elsewhere they are completely missing, or to see that the 720p resolution changes in the rest of the video. To thicken the mystery contribute the images below, which reproduce at a resolution of 1080p with antialiasing at 2x some scenes that remain at 720p in the video.

Click on the images to enlarge them. The possibilities at this point are two: the movie has been fully mounted without any scene related to the gameplay, and therefore for illustrative purposes only (such as what happened with Killzone 2 and the debut trailer of God of War III), or it is a video based on different stages of development, which may explain the differences in the alternation of anti-aliasing and the resolution of the images. Our analysis is therefore incomplete, but nothing that invalidate the feeling of being in front of another masterpiece from Team Ico.

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