SecureX in all Cisco security products

SecureX in all Cisco security products
Starting June 30, the Cisco SecureX platform for integrated and native cloud security will be available in all products in the Cisco Security range. This will allow customers to simplify and improve the management of their business by taking into account the new needs that accompany the accelerated digital transformation from the large-scale adoption of smart working.

Cisco announces news for SecureX According to what revealed by the CIO Perspectives 2020 study, the main challenges of those involved in the IT field concern security and complexity with over two thirds of the experts involved who claims to have been subjected to excessive effort.

According to the CISO Benchmark Report 2020, however, when faced with a cyber attack, companies with a greater number of vendors experience longer downtimes and consequently higher costs and a greater volume of violated data . These are the words of Gee Rittenhouse, SVP and GM of the Cisco Security Business Group.

With SecureX we wanted to reimagine the way our customers have experienced security by making it simple and automated. We knew it would be a transformational factor for the industry, but we never could have predicted how important this would be for security and IT professionals at a time like this. In this new and dynamic world, customers need a security platform that can protect employees wherever they work and face the challenges of today and the future.

SecureX was born with the goal of addressing this type of problems by offering a wide range of solutions for integrated security as well as a uniform experience, and simplified, by unifying visibility, enabling automation and enhancing security on the network, endpoints, and cloud applications.

Source: Cisco

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