Rainbow Six Siege: the European League starts

Rainbow Six Siege: the European League starts
Tomorrow, 22 June 2020, the first edition of the Rainbow Six Siege European League will kick off, which will be the highest European competition for Ubisoft and Rainbow Six esports from this year. Ten teams will face each other starting from stage 1 which will start tomorrow with the aim of becoming the strongest team in Europe. On the sidelines of all this, the European Challenger League (Serie B to make a football comparison) was also announced, made up of the winners of the individual European leagues and the winners of the European Open Qualifier.

Talent and dedication First of all let's start from here: beyond this edition, Ubisoft has put in place an enviable organization that follows a bit some football hierarchies that have done so well in recent years . The individual European leagues become more important. From the next edition, in fact, the winners of Spain Nationals, French League, Italy Nationals, GSA League, Benelux League, UK Ireland Nationals, Polish Masters, Russian Major League and Nordic Championship will be able to compete together with the holders of the Open Qualifier in the European Challenger League that will allow the first two teams to have an opportunity to compete in the European League, the most important competition.

A system therefore stratified, weighted and which guarantees visibility to all, none excluded. A structure that starts from the bottom and that branches up to the glorious peaks of a competition, the European League, which could really make sparks. The various world leagues will then guarantee the winners access to the Majors first and then to the Six Invitational, going to create a well-organized structure at international level as well.

In detail, however, what we will offer this first European League? Let's look at it together. From Monday, 22 June, will start the Stage 1 with two days full of matches. The ten teams to compete for the prize money of 50,000 euro for Stage 1 and Stage 2 each, and € 100,000 for the Finals are: G2 Esports, Rogue, Team Vitality, Team Empire, BDS Esports, Natus Win, Virtus.pro, Team Secret, Quenching Esports and Chaos Esports Club. The ten-match Stage 1 coated on two days with a schedule chills: from 18.00 to the end there will be no stopping ever, with the last match scheduled for 22.00 (subject to displacements depending on the length of the challenges) and the "Main Event" is placed in prime time at 21: 00.

For each stage the teams will have a pool set of maps in which to play and, therefore, also the strategies will be important. For the Stage 1 maps available of the team will be Oregon, Club House, Consulate, Kafé, Coast, amusement Park and Villa. Of course, Team Empire and G2 Esports arrive at the competition as the teams cliftonville and on-paper favorite, but the events of the last few months that we had to tell here about the Multiplayer have seen the two teams to miss important appointments so going to miss a little bit the status of invincible that, in time, were constructed. Natus Win, Rogue and Team Vitality so they can take advantage of it and try to get good results. Not to be underestimated is also the category of underdog which sees in the European League, and a greater presence of team insidious and possible surprises.

A small focus should be also made with regard to expectations, given that it is precisely in view of this European League, the "market of the pro player" has shuffled a bit the cards. If, under the profile of the coat of arms we have told you of the favorites in the G2 and Team Empire, looking at the roster, the situation is different and more uncertain. Karzheka, historic captain of Team Empire, has signed on to the Rogue going to reinforce a serious contender for the title. Fabian and Goga will create a big pair of Vitality, with the first that leaves the G2 after that had been suggested from the bench. In G2 the big new entry is CTZN by Natus Win, which he is hungry for victories and well as the good Kantoraketti may provide new lifeblood to the team. The Vessels lose CTZN and we'll see how the team that made the collective his strength will find the new arrangements, in view of the presence in the roster of Doki: talented fragger scottish. Finally, another great leap given by the Team Empire, who lost the captain had replaced it with the midst of the unknown Always, a mysterious player who comes from nowhere in one of the most important teams in the european panorama and that might give us a golden couple of the "enfant prodige" with the JoyStiCK.

The European League that is going to take off, it promises to be interesting for several reasons. The resumption of competitions after the quarantine, a restart is necessary, that it may give many surprises, as the first reason and the opportunity to attend a major tournament, having regard to its conformation. Great participants, lots of talent and the numerous clashes which could give emotions to the lovers of the title Ubisoft. The start is scheduled for tomorrow, June 22nd at 18.00 and we are curious to find out what we have to expect that that could become the Champions League for Rainbow Six Siege.

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