PS5 has a revolutionary SSD, says Tim Sweeney of Epic Games

PS5 has a revolutionary SSD, says Tim Sweeney of Epic Games
After explaining that the PS5 SSD will shake PCs, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney discussed with EDGE editors the opportunities offered by the PS5 hyperfast SSD, describing it as a revolutionary hardware component for the gaming industry.

As reported by colleagues from WCCFtech, the August issue of EDGE magazine hosts an interview with Epic boss and chief engineer Nick Penwarden where the two focus on Sony's efforts in designing the architecture of PS5 taking into account the customized SSD.

In this regard, Sweeney recalls the collaboration between Epic and the Japanese tech giant to explain that "at least three or four years ago we started talking with Mark Cerny about the possibilities offered by the next console generation. Sony has done a really good job of setting up a platform starting from the awareness that memory could be revolutionized. PS5 is not just built around a me huge flash memory, but also on a very high bandwidth and a low latency framework that allows you to access data and take it wherever you need it ".

Always on the power of PlayStation 5 and the his SSD, the same boss of Epic Games then points out that "rendering micropoligons in a 20 billion polygon scene, like that of the tech demo of Unreal Engine 5, is a fairly difficult task. For us it was a fundamental challenge to save that data in memory. Following the years of discussions and efforts that led us to this, it was a perfect opportunity to team up with Sony to show that the work is finally reaching its PS5 landing point. "

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