MateBook X Pro 2020, the elegance of the classic

MateBook X Pro 2020, the elegance of the classic
When you get your hands on a new laptop there are aspects that ignite the mind, especially that electrifying experience that reactivity and speed turn on, and there are elements that warm the heart, such as the care of the design and the ergonomics of the parts with which you get in touch. When we got our hands on the new Huawei MateBook X Pro 2020 we recognized both components, because this is a certainly well balanced small laptop, well designed for medium use and certainly imagined for easy mobile use.

MateBook X Pro 2020: features and performance A click is on, but above all a click and it is active: a click and the fingerprint is read, a click and the operating system is available. The extremely rapid ignition makes the pair with excellent hardware specifications that make the device an excellent work companion in terms of productivity. You don't have to ask too much in the graphics sector, where Huawei did not want to go too far, but for the rest it's about getting your hands on a machine with a decidedly prestigious engine. The configuration that we have tested provides for the tenth generation Intel Core i7-10510U processor (1.8 GHz 4 cores, Turbo up to 4.9 GHz) and 16GB of memory, all accompanied by 1TB SSD: a configuration that we believe to excellent quality and in fact has responded very well to the first stresses.

Contained dimensions, well balanced weight: 14.6 mm thick for a closed terminal size equal to 304mm x 217mm, reaching a total of 1 , 33kg thanks to the aluminum alloy body.

Good satisfaction also from the battery is a 56Wh nominal capacity that promises up to 13 hours of video playback,” which we declined in a whole day of continuous work. Dear sir, the work done on the keyboard : a delicate backlight, a fine tactile sensation that you are typing and the noise level is very low make the experience of writing not only efficient, but also extremely pleasant. The keyboard hides a small “pearl”: right in between the button F6 and F7, in fact, conceals a webcam concealed from 1MP perfectly integrated with the other buttons.

Invisible in the view, in short, but can be activated by a small pressure. Good image quality, although the point of the shot is low and therefore anomalous compared to the traditional customs related to webcam positioned on the top edge of the display. It is a choice related to the fact that the edges of the display are missing: the screen is surrounded by a frame extremely thin, which gives a great lightness to the profile and makes it more immersive the experience with images.

The integration of the webcam in the keyboard, in short, is a precise design choice is motivated by the fact that it is intended to ensure the display 13.9-inch profile without compromise thanks to a board that occupies just 9% of the total surface area: this allows you to better express definition 3000 x 2000 (260 PPI) contrast 1500:1 and brightness of 450 nits (with special aspect ratio 3:2). Good the viewing angle of the screen (178 degrees), which reveals good brightness from any position: this is a highly useful aspect of mobility, if the position is not fixed and predetermined, and any margin of tolerance is a plus in terms of overall experience.

The height of the capabilities of the touchscreen. Compared to other competitors of equal price we have noticed a great responsiveness to the touch (click on the display), while a slight delay seems to hear in dragging items to the screen.

The sound is a pleasant surprise. Listening vaguely metallic, but with a stereo effect extremely pleasant speakers positioned at the side of the keyboard and a volume is reached that we would not have imagined. For a listen to really quality there is clearly a need to rely on tools that are different from a simple laptop, but the MateBook X Pro just me, the comparison with rival high-profile.

the Design and price the Packaging level, but to be at the height it is above all attention to detail. In the context of a design substantially confirmed than in the past (and for this reason probably the reason of the lack of excitement for those who had already lived through previous experiences in the sauce MateBook), are precisely the details that make the difference. Webcam seamlessly integrated, it has already been said, but the profile is also silver and is delicately noticeable of a large touch pad is a plus in the use phase. Convenient the location of the side connectors and solid, the grip of the zipper opening of the screen.

The body of a nice colour “space grey”, which reveals a pleasant game of lights, which tends, however, to put too easily show fingerprints or small deposits of dust: when the laptop is not only a work tool, but also aims at something further, expectations are raised and this is the horizon to which he looks at the MateBook X Pro 2020. Light and elegant, refined in its lines, cheap and thin, it is a terminal that is a candidate for a leading role on the market by 2020.

The price is top of the range: the configuration we tested leads to something like 1999 euro, a figure that it did raise a doubt in virtue of some gleaning that could make this device definitely peculiar, and certainly valid, but perhaps worthy of some small bevel on the purchase price. On Amazon, however, already has a cut of 100 euros, which brings the price to 1899 euros, and in the version with SSD 512GB all comes down to 1299 euros, with a discount of 24% . This is a option very interesting, and if 512GB of SSD are not sufficient then we recommend storage solutions and alternatives, but remaining at the time of purchase on this initial configuration. That's why we think the price is probably ambitious, but certainly not out of proportion for a device that has many arrows to his bow.

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