Google Pixel 4a gets new certification, near launch?

Google Pixel 4a gets new certification, near launch?
The Google Pixel 4a would be one step away from launch, after the certification obtained in India by the BIS, the Bureau of Indian Standards despite several rumors that would see it significantly behind and with the risk of being able to see it together with the next Pixel 5. The smartphone has been identified with the model number G025N but no other information has been released except for the fact that it will be launched very soon.

The certification was published on June 10, but only in these hours has been made public. The Pixel 4a is one of the most anticipated mid-range phones of the year and it is likely that July will be the month of the official presentation, only to have to wait several weeks before marketing in the various countries. The chosen date could be that of 13 July but it may be necessary to wait even for the month of October before being able to buy it, at least as reported by the well-known tipster, Jon Prosser.

It certainly wouldn't make much sense to sell a product after three months, considering that technology always evolves very quickly and many would find themselves buying an old device.

So it is very probable that this information could be quickly denied by some other news.

The telephone d should be made of polycarbonate and show off very thin bezels. The device would also include a side hole on the display to house the front camera in the upper left corner, with the screen showing no curvature. The photographic sector should be very similar to that seen on the Google Pixel 4.

The Pixel 4a should also support wireless charging and a fingerprint scanner should also find space on the back. A few more days and we will find out what the next device produced directly by Google will reserve for us.

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