Is Gotham Knights the title of the new Batman game? Register your domain!

Is Gotham Knights the title of the new Batman game? Register your domain!
Pending any further communication on the DC FanDome event of August 2020, the community reports a new sighting linked to the Dark Knight's videogame incarnation.

In particular, it refers to the registration of a somewhat suspicious domain, which quickly attracted the interest of Batman fans. Dating back to 1998, the brand was renewed in these days, specifically on June 14th. This detail, enriched by the recent registration of a web domain linked to Suicide Squad would suggest a possible reveal of both expected productions within a relatively short period of time.

Obviously, this is not a definitive confirmation : remember that the existence of the project has never been confirmed by Warner Bros Montréal, the team suspected of being involved in the new Batman game, which at this point some observers claim could be called Gotham Knights. The plural wording used for the expression "Knights of Gotham" would also seem to be able to reconcile well with the previous rumors that indicated the in-game presence of the entire playable Bat-Family. If this were confirmed, players could take on the role of the entire team of heroes who work alongside Batman in his action to fight Gotham super-criminals.

As usual, to know undoubtedly, there is nothing left to do but wait for official information.

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