Halo Infinite, new teaser: are Atriox and the Exiles back?

Halo Infinite, new teaser: are Atriox and the Exiles back?
As the expectation for the July event on the Xbox Series X games grows after the words of Aaron Greenberg and Phil Spencer, the curators of the official Halo social channels publish a mysterious teaser that heralds the return of Atriox the Exiled to Halo Infinite .

The boys of 343 Industries have in fact shared a video on Twitter in which it is possible to hear sinister noises and a being who, at the end of the teaser, exclaims "We are the Banished!" to herald the return of the Exiles and their race leader Jiralhanae, the mighty military leader Atriox.

After being banished by the Covenants along with his associates, the warmaster who leads this dangerous faction of mercenaries should therefore carve out a important space in the narrative canvas of Halo Infinite, or at least that's what many Halo fans are commenting on the new teaser.

The return of Atriox from Halo Wars 2, as well as the Exiles and a redesign of the Grunts and the Elite, it was suggested in late April by Halo Infinite leaks of the Mega Blocks toys, with rumors that also involved several elements of equipment such as the special plasma rifle that appeared for the last time in Halo 3 ODST.

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