Fallen Legion Revenants announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch with a trailer

Fallen Legion Revenants announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch with a trailer
During the New Game + Expo, the publisher NIS America and the development studio YummyYummyTummy announced Fallen Legion: Revenants, a sequel to Sins of an Empire and Flames of Rebellion. It will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

This is the incipit of RPG production: "In a decaying world, a floating castle is the last refuge for humanity. The earth is teeming with mutated beasts from the plague while Welkin Castle is quarantined by the horrors below Lucien, a charismatic politician protected in the castle walls, discovers an ancient book where he learns about Exemplars, weapons that can turn into sentient soldiers. He joins forces with Rowena, a she was determined to find a way back to life to raise her living son, and the two reluctantly make a pact to overthrow the mad tyrant who controls Welkin. "

In Fallen Legion: Revenants you can influence the events inside the castle through the choices of dialogue, thus determining who lives and who dies with your decisions. As Rowena you will be called on to face intense battles in real time as you order a team of legendary Exemplars to decimate your enemies. By impersonating Lucien, however, you can create potions and other useful objects with Alchemical Recipes and use invisible tactics to navigate the castle and discover its secrets.

At the top of the news you will find the trailer of the announcement. During the New Game + Expo, NIS America also announced Ys IX: Monstrum for the West and the release date of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV for PS4.

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