Electronic Arts is increasingly involving the public in development

Electronic Arts is increasingly involving the public in development
Laura Miele of Electronic Arts was recently interviewed by GamesIndustry.biz and on this occasion she spoke clearly about the new direction taken by the publisher, which has started to involve the community more and more.

After the many controversies of the last years and the criticisms made by the community, the leaders of Electronic Arts have decided to radically change the strategies of the company, not only giving greater weight to the feedback from the players but also leaving the developers freer, a tactic that should bring great benefits both from both from a commercial and a creative point of view.

EA has collected numerous opinions from various groups of players, judgments then used to shape various projects such as Command & Conquer Remastered or the founding program of Plants vs Zombies and even Star Wars Squadrons, the new Star Wars game announced at EA Play. As regards Squadrons, Miele itself stressed that many ideas do not come from market research or business needs but from the passion of the developers and the community.

It therefore seems that Electronic Arts wants to move towards an increasingly shared future with the players, with the judgments of the latter that could begin to play a significant role as regards development.

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