Dragon Ball FighterZ: when will we discover the next DLC of Pass 3?

Dragon Ball FighterZ: when will we discover the next DLC of Pass 3?
The arrival of Goku Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball FighterZ has aroused great interest in fans, especially in consideration of the fact that the Arc System Works fighting game is destined to further expand with the arrival of the next DLC of the FighterZ Pass 3: what surprises there await in the future?

After familiarizing themselves with the pattern of attacks and the abilities of Goku Ultra Instinct, fans of Dragon Ball FighterZ wonder what path Japanese developers will take to further expand the already huge playful perimeter and content of the work.

The fighting game set in the manga and anime universe of Akira Toriyama will certainly be among the protagonists of the various events scheduled for this summer by the summits of Bandai Namco, especially as regards the connected digital shows at the Summer Game Fest schedule to be held from here to the end of August.

The cancellation of the FighterZ, Tekken and SoulCa tournaments libur as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, on the other hand, highlights the moment of uncertainty that the entire digital entertainment industry is experiencing (and not only), with a review of commercial strategies that inevitably affects communication.

In addition to the official digital events in which Bandai Namco will participate, journalists of the monthly V-Jump could open a window on the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ, perhaps hosting on the pages of the next issue of the magazine a special dedicated, in fact, to DLC of the Season Pass 3. And you, what surprises would you like to receive from Arc System Works? But above all: which fighters, between heroes and villains of Dragon Ball, do you dream of seeing land on the roster of FighterZ? Let us know with a comment.

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