Cyberpunk 2077, development difficulties? Even Batman and Harry Potter at the center of a rumor

Cyberpunk 2077, development difficulties? Even Batman and Harry Potter at the center of a rumor

During the day of Thursday 18 June the news of a further delay of Cyberpunk 2077 arrived: the game CD Projekt RED will not be released in September, but around the middle of November.

The news was followed by the appearance on Reddit of some indiscretions related to the ambitious role-playing production. To spread it was the user "heskethh2", who claims to have information not only on Cyberpunk 2077, but also on a dense array of Waner Bros games. The alleged Insider seems to have correctly anticipated some of the information related to the announcement of It Takes Two, the new title of Josef Fares, already author of A Way Out, a circumstance that led the community to examine the other details shared by the user.

On the Cyberpunk 2077 front, the alleged Insider reports of several aspects that would have slowed down the development of the RPG. Among the latter, problems in localization are mentioned, which would be taking a long time to be made from the original Polish language. To this would be added the numerous commitments of Keanu Reeves, who would have had little time to conclude the recording sessions. Finally, there are problems of optimization of the framerate on console current gen, in addition to a plot considered "divisive", even if not at the levels of the reactions triggered in certain situations by The Last of Us Part 2.

The rumors continue focusing on several titles related to the DC universe. In particular, it refers again to a Batman in development at Warner Bros Montreal with the involvement of Rocksteady and a reveal planned for during a next event in DC. The team, however, would be to work on a game of Super-Man . Finally, it refers to a title "extremely next gen" dedicated to the Suicide Squad, which also should include elements of the single player. Finally, the user conrms that the RPG of Harry Potter is still in the works at Warner Bros.

At the time, I remind you that it is nothing more than rumors, nothing of what is reported is supported by official confirmation.

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