Resurrected: These games (series) deserve a revival!

Resurrected: These games (series) deserve a revival!


On the occasion of the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected and the sequels to Outcast and Jagged Alliance surprisingly announced by THQ Nordic, we in the PC Games editorial team asked ourselves which games should still be covered by the current revival wave. In the following, Sascha, Chris Fußy, Michi, Stefan and Maci present their personal favorites.

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Studio: Verant Interactive I Publisher: Daybreak Game Company

Genre: MMORPG I Release: April 28, 2000

Platforms: PC, Playstation 2

Yes, I know, I say that a lot, but: Everquest 1 rocks. It used to be a lot more rock than it does today, but that doesn't change my statement I never really got warm because it was basically a poorly performing WoW, at least with housing, but otherwise rather unimportant. Above all, EQ2 was not a continuation of the first part, which I loved so much. To be fair, it should be emphasized that the developers that is exactly what I didn't want, but rather a A beginner-friendly alternative to the rather bulky EQ.

Unfortunately, World of Warcraft, which was released shortly after, made everything a lot better - which, in addition to the unfinished state at the time of release, broke the neck of EQ2 relatively quickly. The game is still running today, but the power struggle with Blizzard was already lost after a few weeks, and Everquest Next was finally confirmed in 2012 - with a stronger focus on action, graphics that are far more comic-heavy, lots of sandbox features and arguably the most powerful editor that was ever announced for an MMORPG. The concept had a lot of fans, honestly I wasn't one of them, but it turned out badly anyway: Sony sold the developer to new developers, there was a wave of layoffs, EQ Next disappeared in the nirvana of the discontinued games, the independent editor Landmark for a short time on it too.

Everquest Source: Daybreak Games

Since then, absolutely nothing has been heard of the Everquest brand. So I would like a real third part to appear. Gladly with a focus on group play and exploration, gladly with a few more modern features, gladly also with housing. Especially the relentless world with the harsh punishments for a virtual death has made Everquest appear bigger, more dangerous and more mysterious than today's MMOs. Here you had to get together with other players and had adventures together, scoured dungeons, laid raid bosses.

But I also know: The chances are extremely low, because the game principle of EQ is well over 20 years old and the habits of gamers have changed. You can see that in the development of long-running games like Everquest or WoW, the concepts of which have changed over the years. But I just hope that there are enough MMO veterans who would still approve of such an "old" gameplay. In the meantime, I am placing my hopes in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, should that ever appear.

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Fantasy General:

Studio: Strategic SimulationsI Publisher: Mindscape

Genre: Strategy I Release: 1996

Platforms: PC

Let's come from an unrealistic one Continuation to something even more unrealistic: A general strategy game in the style of the SSI works of the early 90s - Panzer General, Fantasy General, Star General and Co. Even if the WW2 offshoots of the series are considered the best by most fans, I've been since Back then a huge fan of the fantasy offshoot: For me, Fantasy General is still one of my absolute strategy favorites, just the epic music! Like a war of the ring turned into a strategy with suitable acoustics.

Now many will raise the justified objection at this point: But a sequel to Fantasy General was recently released. That's correct, and personally I thought Fantasy General 2 was actually nice. I just think it's not a real sequel and should have been given a different name. Above all, the much more rushed gameplay due to the looting mechanics spoiled many missions for me. Of course, there was also a round limit in the original Fantasy General, so I had to work out which army part I was sending where, so that I could achieve all of the primary goals within the limit and bag as many bonus rewards as possible without being too large I suffer losses - in the best case even none at all!

Fantasy General 2 Source: PC Games In the second part, however, I rush across the map at the beginning of each game, especially on higher levels of difficulty, to avoid those that are far too rare Bag army upgrades without paying too much attention to your own units. At some point I hated that. In the first part, I was proud when I managed to keep, upgrade and level up a unit from the start of the campaign to the very end. In the second part I often sacrifice troops because the upgrade bonuses are more important than getting through the battle without damage. The classic approach is better for me.

Especially since the original was much more "Fantasy" when the game is already called Fantasy General. Right from the start - depending on the chosen hero - I send advertising bears, lizard people, tree warriors, invisible people, dragons, pegasi, ogres or centaurs into battle, while in the second part I command a tribe of vile Vikings. The fact that one or the other troll appears at some point doesn't change much. It only got better with the DLCs, which integrated far more mythical creatures into the new campaigns. So the bottom line is that Fantasy General 2 is not a "right" sequel for me, at least not one that I would have liked. And even if you like to count them: A new Panzer General or Star General (the same Chose in space with spaceships, futuristic tanks and the like) would be nice too. It's just stupid that SSI no longer exists - maybe another developer like the FG2 makers will grab one of the licenses and do the whole thing a bit more "classic".

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