Raspberry Pi plays Flappy Bird thanks to an AI

Raspberry Pi plays Flappy Bird thanks to an AI

The maker Dmytro Panin, known as Dr2mod on Reddit, is back to being talked about, this time with a project that sees Raspberry P i play Flappy Bird independently thanks to the wonders of Artificial Intelligence.

Sometimes the best projects for Raspberry Pi have simple inspirations. Dr2mod explained that the idea was born from the desire to create something interesting and decorative to be placed next to the window near his desk. The end result was this project that continuously shows Flappy Bird running on Raspberry Pi.

The work is based on an SPI display for video output and implements an artificial intelligence algorithm from a document known as Evolving Neural Networks through Augmenting Topologies, often referred to as NEAT, to bring the little “flappy bird” through the spaces between the pipes on the map. Flappy Bird itself is actually a clone designed by Panin just to make the NEAT AI work.

Photo Credit: Dr2mod / Reddit According to Panin, AI has a certain chance of failing in its task. During the execution of some tests, in one case the AI ​​finished the game with a score of about 9,000, but on other occasions it even exceeded 30,000 points. Panin was kind enough to share the source code on GitHub for anyone interested in learning more about how it works.

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