Five curiosities about Nicolaj Coster-Waldau (and that throne he wanted to take home)

Five curiosities about Nicolaj Coster-Waldau (and that throne he wanted to take home)

The Danish actor, president of the jury at the French festival Canneseries, told us about when he first met Gwendoline Christie on the set. And when he told a colossal lie to have a part ...

© Olivier Vigerie Statuario, tanned and smiling: in his black t-shirt with exposed biceps Nicolaj Coster-Waldau exudes charm even via Zoom. He is in connection with the French festival Canneseries, which sees him protagonist in the role of president of the jury (among other judges also Salvatore Esposito di Gomorra). The Danish actor, who was accompanied hand in hand by his wife Nukaaka on the pink carpet of the event, said he had had a very busy schedule in recent times. For the film Against the ice (coming soon on Netflix) he lived for a while in Greenland, his wife's hometown ("My father - he said - worked there for a long time so I too spent a lot of time there. and I love him ”), before joining Nick Cassavetes for God is a bullet in Mexico. “I tried to learn Spanish - he confesses - but nothing to do, I've been trying for 40 years without succeeding”.

@Juliette Osdoit From the small to the big screen, in short, without looking back, but the audience continues to ask him about her alter ego in Game of Thrones, Jamie Lannister. So here are five things we still don't know about this eclectic and talented 51-year-old.

One: from the set of Game of Thrones he would have liked to steal…

“I would have liked to take the throne home, because - he says, laughing - it would have been just fine. But nothing to do, so for now I'm waiting to see the prequels. For me, however, the set was a three-week parenthesis a year between one film and the next, but the impact it has had still strikes me, even years after the end ".

Two: one of the most exciting moments of the series

“Even today I still consider some of my colleagues from the set as friends. No group chat, but see you. I love Gwendoline Christie and I still remember our first meeting: she was in a moment of great vulnerability, after the haircut scene, and I went into the dressing room and said, "So what?" in a somewhat casual tone. She says we haven't stopped arguing and loving each other since then. It is this bond that then developed the dynamics between Jaime and Brienne on the screen ”.

Three: (NOT) Call me Bond, James Bond

Some have even nominated him to become the new James Bond and he jokes about it: “It's nice but maybe I'm too old , so it seems unlikely to me. It is enough now that you look good in a tuxedo and you have secured a nomination ”.

Quattro: the cause he cares about

“I am very worried about the climate emergency - said della Croisette - and I would like to make my contribution, for example by showing in my projects the less touristy sides of some places that need to be safeguarded ".

Five: a passion born of a lie

“During an audition they asked me if I knew how to ride - remember - and of course I said yes, too bad I wasn't never got on a horse in my life and I immediately had to find someone to teach me. At the time it was a great challenge but it was worth it because today it is one of the sports I love to practice in my free time ":

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