Who are the "ni vax", the real enemy of the vaccination plan

Who are the ni vax, the real enemy of the vaccination plan

Who are the "ni vax"

They are not deniers but they are afraid and prefer to remain in a "comfort zone" which is actually highly risky. To persuade them and reach herd immunity, it is necessary to refer to territorial medicine

One million vaccines administered every day in June, second doses also outside the region in holiday resorts to avoid stopping summer tourism, herd immunity by the end September. These are the new ambitious objectives for the fight against the virus pitted by the Covid emergency commissioner, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, who is working to make them effectively achievable with a road map that is firmly based on territorial medicine. For everything to work, however, there is another element that should not be overlooked: that of the no vax, a minority category, and that of the so-called ni vax, that is, those who in principle are not hostile to vaccines but who today live the waste of the Astrazeneca communication disaster and therefore no longer have confidence in the administration. To get Italy out of the pandemic, it will also be necessary to work on this.

A survey a few weeks ago reported that two out of ten teachers have no intention of injecting the second dose of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine. In March, another YouGov survey found a collapse in confidence in Astrazeneca, both in Italy and in other European countries. The delirium about thrombosis that can be counted on the fingers of one hand in the face of millions of inoculations, the constant turnarounds of the supervisory authorities, the temporary suspension of administration and a certain clickbait alarmism of the press have all contributed to create this climate of mistrust that it has little to do with the no vax universe and which, if anything, can be traced back to the field of hypochondria, but also to people's reasonable claim of complete transparency regarding what enters their body. The problem then disappeared, the vaccination campaign was resumed quickly but not in the Astrazeneca component, which still lives the consequences of the many communication errors (but also of the quarrel with the European Union on non-respected contracts, so much so that there will be no renewal of orders after June).

If, therefore, there was already the no vax obstacle to be faced, the public mismanagement of the Astrazeneca affair contributed to create, indeed to swell, that army of "ni vax" already intimidated by conceptual level from a hastily developed vaccine. While today the vaccination campaign accelerates and reaches 500 thousand administrations per day, while the aim is to double this number within a month and the goal of herd immunity is far off, one cannot ignore that in planning the fight against the pandemic. slice of the population that a vaccine will not receive it by choice. On the one hand, the coercive power may intervene, which will affect above all the negationist minority and which, as Figliuolo underlined, "can go as far as the termination of the employment contract". But for the nì vax the strategy will have to be different, it is necessary to spend at the institutional level to rebuild a relationship of trust with the vaccines that existed but which has been lost for reasons external to those who today no longer feel like being inoculated with a dose.

We need to work on good communication but we also need to focus on proximity, as the Covid emergency commissioner himself acknowledged. General practitioners, pharmacists, those figures who, on the one hand, will be able to guarantee a more capillary inoculation plan and on the other hand, enjoy a direct, trustworthy relationship with their patients and customers will have to be increasingly involved in the vaccination plans. , who will thus find themselves more reassured if the vaccine is administered by them than by a stranger in a cold and neutral hub. That territorial medicine ditched by health models such as the Lombard one, the triggering element of the spread of the pandemic, becomes once again fundamental, a sector in which to invest, to give a strong acceleration to the vaccination campaign but also to work on the flanks of the battleship "ni vax ". To get to herd immunity in the shortest possible time, one cannot ignore the building of trust, a communication plan that patches up the mistakes of the past months:

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