Twitch and Hot Tub, when the costume is not the streamer

Twitch and Hot Tub, when the costume is not the streamer

Twitch and Hot Tub

They say that the dress does not make the monk, but can it be said on the contrary that "the costume makes the streamer"? We emphasize the use of the female article, as, once again, we find ourselves having to face an itchy theme, especially towards that part of the world of gamers, which we remember being composed of 47% in Italy from gamers, according to the most recent data provided by IIDEA. We refer to the recent news according to which the platform dedicated to gamer streamers, Twitch, has cleared the live live from their bathroom, or in any case in a bathing suit and skimpy clothes, as, according to their decisions, "to be considered sexy by others it is not against our rules and Twitch will not take action against women, or anyone on our service, just for their perceived attractiveness. Therefore Twitch allows broadcasting in a bathing suit, if this clothing is justified by the context. A ploy that justified the Hot Tub phenomenon, which, as the name suggests, is direct from the bathtub, and therefore in costume. Even if de facto it is clearly just a defect of form to justify the skimpy clothes and the underlying voyeurism in the intentions of this new rule.

Twitch and Hot Tub, how do I discriminate users

But did we really need them? Are we returning again to those speeches that we hoped were now obsolete, the usual heated soup, in a sector where the presence of women should no longer represent a sore point, or even less be so rare and difficult to conceive?

So why should almost half of the gamer population be victims of yet another discriminatory gesture? So why don't we still see more and more streamer guys adopting the same habit today? Easy: the main user of the platform, again according to recent data released at the beginning of 2021, is made up of 65% of male users, of which 73% are under the age of 35. Do these data justify the Hot Tub phenomenon? In our opinion no, also because, a priori, it is yet another symptom of the socio-cultural impoverishment of our times, in which, despite the fact that we fight more and more not only for gender equality, but also for gender orientations , we then find ourselves having to take note of a very sexist Twitch quibble. And it is sexist because, as mentioned above, we speak clearly and explicitly of female users in the first place, and therefore they are the first to support this point. So it will be difficult to see male streamers in the same attitude, even if for the aforementioned parity it would be desirable.

The enemy of the female world, the objectification of women, therefore returns with a great career, a weed that really never dies despite every effort is made to eradicate its roots. Fortunately, however, there are also people directly involved in the Hot Tub storm who have increasingly sided in favor of the female world, still struggling with lines of thought dictated by a patriarchal and retrograde mentality. We are talking about streamer Yabbe, who posted a tweet, which we report below, in which she does not support the new rule, calling it "embarrassing" because "Twitch could have handled the situation better, but she missed the opportunity".

This is embarassing @Twitch you had the chance to do better but missed the mark completely.

You acknowledged hot tub streams etc are harming the women on your platform who are not sexualizing themselves or using Twitch as a onlyfans promotion, why not act?

- Yabbe (@ImYabbe) May 21, 2021

In his post, Yabbe harshly attacks the platform with words that we feel we can fully subscribe to: “Hot Tubs are harming women on the platform who don't sexualize or use Twitch as a promotion for OnlyFans, why didn't you do something? ". An attempt, that of the girl, to make the Twitch management understand that the message promoted with the arrival of Hot Tub not only allows you to show off your body without hesitation, a feature that in fact is not primary in the original conception of Twitch (ie allowing the streaming of games of videogames), but it makes even more difficult the streamers who prefer to bring quality content and their passion without "means" that involve the stripping of their body.

Sex and money, a vicious circle still fueled today

All this, of course, has another ulterior motive, which closes the circle and in some way praises the union once again "Sex & money", money and sex: the increasing monetization of content. Yes, because clearly the more there are views, and consequently donations to streamers, the more the focus on these web protagonists increases, able to catalyze the attention of viewers who can only bring benefits to the platform itself. And this thanks to a single bathing suit worn by a "good looking" girl.

How is someone like Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of Twitch's most famous streamers, taking it now, after the platform demonetized her videos without warning, as “her streams were not suitable to advertisers "? We do not know just now, but we certainly did not take it well, if in the face of all the battles carried out with difficulty by the female world, the ax is once again lowered on those who prefer to show off their skills and their skills, while carrying streamers who sell themselves for fame simply by “appearing” in the palm of your hand.

We know that everyone wants to be appreciated, famous and why not, rich, but does the end of the medium really matter more? Should we once again let only the girls, at least for now, be the ones who have to undress to be appreciated, while a boy just needs a nerdy printed t-shirt, have a chat with his fans and nothing else?

This case is not so far from those where some influencers have to keep their private life out of the spotlight, or rather from posts on social networks, because the very revelation of not being single destroys that aura of potential achievement by followers, who could still aspire in their minds to "live the dream", perhaps one day become a partner of that girl who is not single. How to "avenge" this shattered dream? Removing the "follow" and making them lose numbers, thus punishing them for being trivially linked to someone who was not just any fan and unknown to them.

And believe us, you don't need to be influencers or (relatively) famous characters on social networks to be victims of this absurd phenomenon, but very much in existence.

A reflection on the state of the art

In conclusion, is it correct that even today the female world has to choose whether to bare their abilities or their bodies? Why is everything allowed and accepted by the male world, which not only must hardly lower itself to this, at least in the specific juncture in question, but also allows the opposite to happen for women? Why not facilitate them? It is an unconscious and Freudian fear that women can freely demonstrate their potential, emerging from the condition of sexist slavery to which they are often subjected, as we have briefly listed, and that they can reach roles and assume responsibilities now more, or exclusively, of male domination, threatening these "machi"? If this were the underlying reasoning, it would only be ashamed, because it is at the same time an admission of weakness and fear.

Reason why, perhaps, it would be all the more necessary to reflect on what is granted, and not, still today and to make a thorough examination of conscience.

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