Cordless vacuum cleaner: four cordless electric brooms to the test

Cordless vacuum cleaner: four cordless electric brooms to the test

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners have definitively retired those flushed: we tried four of them to understand their uniqueness and commonalities

The cordless vacuum cleaner is now one of the fetishes of the home of our times. No more electric wires that limit freedom of movement. No more dust bags considered ineffective to retain fine dust. The latest generation cordless vacuum cleaners have increasingly reduced weights. More resistant batteries. Cyclonic suction systems. Finally, the accessories created ad hoc to remove dog and cat hair.

We tested four cordless vacuum cleaners for a month. All four have brilliantly passed the aspiration tests: from flour, to rice, through oat flakes and the annoying sand. The perfect cordless vacuum cleaner does not exist. The best is the one that best suits you and your needs. We tell them in order of length, from the shortest to the longest. Here are our observations on Polti Forzaspira Slim, Hoover H-Free 500, Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light and Bissel Multireach Active Pet 21V.

Polti Forzaspira Slim: the smallest

Cordless vacuum cleaner Polti Forzaspira Slim Plus The Polti Forzaspira Slim cordless vacuum cleaner is the smallest of the four tested with a ground clearance of 105 centimeters. The camera body is among the longest, with 61 centimeters, and its weight is 1,373 grams. The total weight of just over 2.2 kilograms is partly dampened in electric broom mode by the fact that the vacuum cleaner rests on the foot of the brush. Use as a portable cleaner to vacuum up crumbs, dust from shelves as well as cobwebs from the ceiling will still be quite comfortable on a par with the Hoover.

The two-power suction capacity is very similar to the other four. Polti Forzaspira also exploits cyclonic technology. The substantial difference is in the position of the dust collection basket positioned perpendicular to the rod. It empties easily from the bottom without any contact with the hands. The duration of the suction with the two motorized brushes is about 20 minutes. Double with the lance and the suction nozzle. It recharges in 4.5 hours. Convenient access for the plug. It is offered at 179 euros.

Wired: basket convenient to empty and wash;

vertical parking position

Tired: it has a less professional look

because of the plastic components only;

the filter is not Hepa, but there are four filtration stages

Rating: 7.5

Hoover H- Free 500: has removable battery

Hoover H-Free 500 cordless vacuum cleaner The Hoover H-Free 500 is the only one of the four cordless vacuum cleaners with a removable battery. This allows it to be used with a second battery while the first is charging. It takes 2.5 hours for the charge to regenerate. The additional battery is not included in the sales kit. H-Free 500 Plus is very similar to Polti in terms of lightness and suction. In addition, it has the turbo function and silent suction. 106 cm from the ground, its weight as an electric broom is about 2,300 grams. As a handheld vacuum cleaner it requires a little more effort given the length of the machine body of 40 centimeters and its weight of 1,300 grams.

Unlike the others, Hoover H-Free comes with two rollers. The Deep Care Roller for delicate floors such as parquet, while the Intense Floor Roller for hard floors and carpets. The LEDs positioned on the brush highlight the dirt on the ground even on the floors that mask it better such as oak parquet. In addition, it has a mini motorized turbo nozzle to collect dog and cat hair from sofas and beds. These accessories reduce the autonomy to just over 20 minutes. On the other hand, in the suction phase only 45 minutes are touched. The container is easy to empty and allows you to detach the entire basket for complete cleaning. Its selling price is 242.99 euros.

Wired: led on the brush;

vertical parking position;

integrated handheld vacuum cleaner

Tired : the inconvenience of changing the roller

according to the different floors and / or carpets;

the filter is not Hepa

Rating: 8+

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light: minimal design

Cordless vacuum cleaner Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light Among the four cordless vacuum cleaners tested, Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light is the one with a minimalist design: white, very clean, without edges or frills. A successful subtraction exercise, so much so that it does not have to be hidden in a closet. Of the four, it is the only one to have the structure online. This makes it particularly agile. Mi Vacuum is 111 centimeters high from the ground and weighs only 1,800 grams. The 62 cm shaft combined with the lightness of the camera body of only 1,124 grams makes it the most agile tool for vacuuming cobwebs from the ceiling and dust from shelves.

Its lightness combined with a pleasant design makes it actually practical as a table crumb collector. He too can be fixed to the wall. But in addition, its position allows it to attach the lance and the nozzle to the other two accessories of the kit. The 19 cm motorized brush is the only one of the 4 to have the bristle strips in line. In addition, it must be used quickly for cleaning floors because its autonomy is only 13 minutes. Finally, the Hepa filter certifies that this cordless vacuum cleaner introduces only clean air into the environment. It is offered on the Mi website for € 149.99.

Wired: ideal for people with little strength

; Hepa filter

Tired: it is not clear

when the basket is full; 5 hours for recharging;

only 13 minutes of autonomy with the electric brush

Rating: 8

Bissell Multireach Active 21V

Bissell cordless vacuum cleaner Multireach Active 21V Designed in the USA, the Bissel Multireach Active Pet 21V cordless vacuum cleaner is the most impressive of them all. It seems created to withstand any kind of use. 114 centimeters high from the ground for 3800 grams, it is truly one of the most mammoth vacuum cleaners tested. Although it has three accessories, one of which is specific for the elimination of dog and cat hair, its use as a portable cleaner is more suitable for those with strength in the arms considering the 1,980 grams of weight of the machine body.

The LED brush makes cleaning carpets, tiles and wooden floors very accurate because it highlights the dirt. It has no problem picking up even the coarsest dirt. Among the four, it is the cordless vacuum cleaner with the greatest autonomy. Touch 30 minutes. This makes it suitable for large surfaces. The tank is 0.5 liters and is easy to clean. It is offered at € 259.99.

Wired: the LEDs on the foot of the brush;

the residual charge LED;

autonomy greater than all

Tired: the weight of the machine body

Rating: 7/8

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