The Senate voted in favor of Italian citizenship for Patrick Zaki

The Senate voted in favor of Italian citizenship for Patrick Zaki

The motion commits the government to take action for the release of the researcher from the University of Bologna, detained in Egypt for a year

Demonstration in Milan for Patrick Zaki, illegally detained in Egypt (Photo: Maurizio Maule / Ipa) The Senate has expressed itself favorably on the proposal to grant Italian citizenship to Patrick Zaki, the researcher of the University of Bologna who has been detained in Cairo for the past year. 208 senators voted in favor, 33 abstained and no one voted against. In recent days, the online petition to give citizenship to Zaki has exceeded 200 thousand signatures and, between 24 and 31 March, the senator of the Democratic Party Francesco Verducci and the senator of the 5-star Movement Michela Montevecchi presented two motions to the Senate in this sense.

The vote of the Assembly "commits the government to start the necessary checks - reports the shorthand report of the Senate - in order to confer Italian citizenship on Patrick Zaki". Furthermore, the agenda commits the institutions "to undertake any further initiative with the Egyptian authorities to solicit the immediate release of the student", evaluating the possibility of using the "instruments provided for by the United Nations Convention against torture" and " monitor the conduct of the hearings and the conditions of detention of Zaki, with the presence in the courtroom of the Italian diplomatic representation in Cairo “. This decision, in addition to its symbolic value, could be an instrument of diplomatic pressure towards Egypt.

During the discussion, the letter sent by Zaki to his mother a few weeks ago was recalled, in which he wrote “I want to send my love to my classmates and friends in Bologna. I miss my home, the streets, the university "and the support given by civil society and the University of Emilia to her family. Life senator Liliana Segre was also present at the vote, while among the abstainers the senator of the Brothers of Italy Alberto Balboni, who considered the attribution of citizenship as counterproductive for the purposes of liberation.

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