Trump did not take well the confirmation of his expulsion from Facebook

Trump did not take well the confirmation of his expulsion from Facebook

Trump complained about his expulsion from Facebook and Instagram, confirmed by the Facebook supervisory board. And Republicans have already begun to exploit the event to fuel their victim speeches

(photo: Bill Pugliano / Getty Images) Donald Trump cannot accept defeat: he had already emerged following the US presidential elections that saw triumph Joe Biden, but now, after the Oversight Board confirmed the former president's expulsion from Facebook and Instagram, the annoyed tycoon sent an email to the New York Times harshly criticizing Facebook, Google and Twitter and their respective decisions to kick him off their platforms. "Freedom of speech was taken away from the president of the United States because radical left lunatics are afraid of the truth," wrote Trump in his statement.

Trump statement, over email (not his new blog) via @maggieNYT

- rat king (@MikeIsaac) May 5, 2021

For Trump, Facebook has long been a place to rally its digital follower base, reaching 32 million followers. Nothing to do, however, with the over 88 million followers that the tycoon had on Twitter.

With its ruling, the Oversight Board confirmed that the decision to suspend Trump's accounts following the riots in the Capitol is to be considered valid (unlike its character as an indefinite sanction).

Confirming Trump's expulsion, however, has given the Republicans new fuel to continue their pugnacious fight against social media, accusing them continually to suppress conservative voices on the platforms.

The Trump case, so far, is the most important controversy faced by the Oversight Board which, since it was established in 2018, has followed only a few minor cases. Now Trump will have to commit to trying to earn Facebook access again by 2024 if he wants to run for the next presidential election again. In the meantime he will continue to publish his deskies through his very personal blog social network.

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