Returnal is the game of the month for April 2021

Returnal is the game of the month for April 2021

In a rather interesting month like April 2021, the game title of the month was assigned, however, without many uncertainties, however, to a particular game like Returnal, which emerged as the winner both in the survey inside the editorial staff and in the one dedicated to readers. Being a new PS5 exclusive, it was automatically also one of the major candidates for the title, but considering the particularities of its structure and its gameplay, the victory was not obvious, also given the presence of other very interesting games in this same period. Instead, Housemarque's bet has convinced more or less everyone, it seems, even if probably the response of most of the users focuses more on trust than on in-depth tests, considering that the game was released only on April 30, right at the end of the month.

Despite its quirks, Returnal has convinced everyone and is the game of the month of April 2021

April has however brought a lot of news a bit for all tastes, with varied productions: among the triple A major there was the launch of Outriders, which had considerable resonance also thanks to the release directly on Xbox Game Pass, which immediately provided a very large online user base, which is fundamental for a shooter of this type. We witnessed the strange spectacle of a PlayStation Studios first party coming out on Xbox and also this on Game Pass with MLB The Show 21, there was the return of a cult suitably restructured in order to finally get the visibility it probably deserved. originally with NieR: Replicant. In short, it was a month full of different experiences and also some particular cases that will be remembered for a long time, but let's see how the polls went.

The choice of the editorial staff

Nier: Replicant came second in both the polls on the game of the month of April 2021 Few discussions within the editorial staff of, with the internal survey which gave a rather clear result, highlighting above all two titles above all the others. The game of the month is Returnal, as we said, which established itself with a not huge gap on the second but still substantial. The new Housemarque game for PS5 has the advantage of being an interesting title from a technical point of view, given the exploitation of the new hardware of the Sony console, but above all in terms of gameplay, thanks to its particular structure as a third-person shooter with elements roguelike. All seasoned with a very incisive atmosphere, which has managed to perfectly characterize this particular gaming experience, also rewarded by the review by Francesco Serino. The runner-up, not far from the first, was NieR Replicant: the remake of Square Enix among the major candidates for the game of the month, but in the end it had to give way to the absolute novelty.

Outriders was still among the most interesting games of the month, in third position There is still an excellent production by Yoko Taro, who was also able to take advantage of the progress in terms of gameplay made with NieR: Automata also thanks to the support of Platinum Games, thus reworking to the best of what remains a strange and very fascinating adventure, which deserves to be tried. In third position we find Outriders, the third-person shooter of People Can Fly and Square Enix who managed to convince a good amount of players with a mechanic close to the Destiny-style looter shooter but with fewer complications related to constant progression and action more dynamic and intuitive. Just off the podium is Judgment, the next gen version of the homonymous title released some time ago on PS4 and now revived on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S: the third-person action with investigative elements draws heavily from the tradition of Yakuza , coming from the same team of developers, but compared to the Kazuma Kiryu series, Takayuki Yagami's story contains more adventure elements with the investigation to be carried out, even if the influences are clearly visible. Then there is the legendary Fez that still stands out from the other titles.

The choice of readers

The poll released to Multiplayer readers turned out to be more contested and uncertain. it, from which the winner is always the same, or Returnal, but with a smaller difference than what we saw in the editorial survey. However, the exclusive PS5 is confirmed as the game of the month of April 2021 also in this case, putting both sides in agreement: the first buyers of the roguelike shooter have already had the opportunity to take their first steps in the disturbing planet Atropos, therefore in several gave their vote also based on what they actually tried, although the release so close to the end of the month certainly did not help to get a more precise idea of ​​this particular title. At quite close range, again the runner-up was NieR Replicant, with Yoko Taro's bizarre creature seeming to have finally found the attention and visibility she lacked at the time of the original release.

NieR Replicant fully incorporates the atmosphere and contents of the original but in a new graphic layout and with other reworkings The success of the operation is clearly due to the success of NieR Automata, which is the reason that prompted Square Enix to review also the previous chapter, but the fact remains that it is a title that is worth recovering, especially if you have completely missed the original. Below these two titles, the other choices lie at a considerable distance, with the only other game to emerge represented by Outriders, which closes the podium in third position. Practically, the same choices of the editorial staff are perfectly reflected, with a perfect correspondence that is difficult to find in other months. Square Enix's shooter has the void behind it, considering that the other titles have only managed to pick up a few percentage points of preference. Total War: Rome Remastered just comes off the bottom slightly above New Pokémon Snap and the others.

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