Destroy All Humans! lands on Xbox Game Pass

Destroy All Humans! lands on Xbox Game Pass

The remake of Destroy All Humans! made its debut in 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The title, which puts players in the shoes of the cute alien named Crypto, immediately conquered audiences and critics (so much so that we also praised it in the review phase) and allowed everyone to be able to relive one of the most fun and original games of the golden age of PlayStation 2 and the first, unforgettable Xbox. However, if you have not yet had the opportunity to play and you are the owner of a Microsoft home console or a PC, you should know that from today you can try it without any commitment.

DH-Win64-Test As you could have guessed from the title of the news, in fact, Destroy All Humans! is currently available for free for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. The remake of the game is now available on Xbox Game Pass, the popular service of the Redmond house that offers over 100 games between PC and console. Obviously, as usual in these cases, the title can also be purchased with a discount for all subscribers of the service, equal to approximately 20% of the total price.

Destroy All Humans! on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC, moreover, it is also available in the best version (together with the PlayStation 5 version) that can be played. In recent weeks, in fact, the development team has quickly updated the game by launching a patch that improves the graphics and brings the game's frame rate to the classic 60 frames per second. A real absolute novelty, which therefore allows you to fully enjoy a new experience.

We Don't Know How Much Destroy All Humans! will remain in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. However, this is an addition of weight after the last ones. In fact, in recent months, several new games have landed in the service of the Redmond house. Among the best known we point out the indie Narita Boy and the new looter shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly, or Outriders. Signs showing the willingness on the part of publishers and developers to take advantage of the potential represented by the pass, which is slowly changing the habits of players and especially those of the industry.

If you want to play Destroy All Humans! for PS4, on Amazon it is available at a small discount.

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