Oscar 2021: scripts available for free

Oscar 2021: scripts available for free

Oscar 2021

Our news on the 2021 Oscars continues, today we would like to point out the possibility to download for free in pdf format the scripts of the ten films nominated for the Oscar for the best screenplay, original and otherwise.

The scripts are available for free at this link of the Go into the story site, a blog specialized in script and storytelling. For cinema enthusiasts and not only, the possibility of downloading the original scripts of these important films represents a special opportunity, not always accessible to everyone outside the circle of professionals.

The only limit is, obviously, it's the language: the pdfs are entirely in English so you will need a good command of the language to be able to navigate these contents.

Net of the limit imposed by the language barrier within the ten candidates, in the respective categories , you can also find almost all the films competing in the Best Film category, with the exception of Mank, who is not included in the shortlist of finalist scripts. Despite the exclusion from the two five, we also thought of Fincher's fans (and all Mank admirers), who will still be able to appreciate this script and the incredible work done by the director's father, by downloading it from this link.

The scripts

Judas and the Black Messiah Minari A promising woman Sound of Metal The trial of Chicago 7 Borat - Sequel to film cinema The Father Nomadland That night in Miami… The White Tiger

Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah, by Will Berson & Shaka King with the story of Will Berson & Shaka King, Kenny Lucas & Keith Lucas, is based on real events, and tells of the betrayal of Fred Hampton, leader of the Black Panthers (Daniel Kaluuya), at the hands of William O'Neal (Lakeith Stanfield), an FBI agent.

The screenplay of Judas and the Black Messiah is available at this link.


Minari, written by Lee Isaac Chung, is the partly autobiographical dramatic family tale of the director's childhood. The film, set during the 1980s, retraces the events of a South Korean immigrant family struggling with their new life in rural Arkansas.

Minari's screenplay is available at this link.

Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman, written by Emerald Fennell, is a thriller that tells the story of Cassie Thomas (Carey Mulligan), a young woman in her thirties who has always been considered a promising woman, because of her looks and her intelligence. Following a traumatic event during college, Cassie dropped out of medical school and is now pondering revenge.

The screenplay for A Promising Woman is available at this link.

Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal, with the script by Darius Marder & Abraham Marder and the storyline by Darius Marder & Derek Cianfrance, follows the life of drummer Ruben (Riz Ahmed), who gradually begins to lose his 'hearing.

The Sound of Metal script is available at this link.

The trial of Chicago 7

The trial of the Chicago 7 (The Trial of the Chicago 7), written by Aaron Sorkin, is the film adaptation of the political trial of the "Chicago 7", that is the main exponents of youth movements opposed to the war in Vietman.

The screenplay for The Chicago 7 trial is available at this link.

Borat - Sequence of film cinema

Borat - Sequence of film cinema (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan): screenplay by Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines & Dan Swimer & Peter Baynham & Erica Rivinoja & Dan Mazer & Jena Friedman & Lee Kern; story by Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines & Dan Swimer & Nina Pedrad. A massive number of authors for the 2006 film sequel! In this zany new film, the Kazakh journalist embarks on an adventure, in the company of his daughter Tutar, to earn the favor of Donal Trump and Mike Pence.

The screenplay for Borat - Sequel to film cinema is available at this link.

The Father

The Father, with a screenplay by Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller, is the adaptation of the 2012 play Le Père. The film tells the story of an elderly man struggling with progressive memory loss.

The screenplay for The Father is available at this link.


Nomadland, whose film adaptation is the work of director Chloé Zhao, is based on the 2017 novel Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century by journalist Jessica Bruder. The film follows the story of Fern (Frances McDormand), a lady who at some point in her life decides to abandon her life, to travel aboard her camper.

Nomadland's screenplay is available at this link.

That Night in Miami…

That Night in Miami… (One Night in Miami…) is the film adaptation of the 2013 play of the same name. The screenplay for the film was written by Kemp Powers, former author of the original play. That Night in Miami ... tells of February 25, 1964 and how Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown met together at the Hampton House Motel in Miami.

The script for That Night in Miami … Is available at this link.

The White Tiger

The White Tiger, a film adaptation of Aravind Adiga's 2008 novel by Ramin Bahrani, tells the parable of Ashok (Adarsh ​​Gourav), a wealthy Indian businessman . A life, that of Ashok, characterized by the ardent desire for revenge against all the abuses and oppressions suffered.

The screenplay for The White Tiger is available at this link. All platforms in a single device thanks to Amazon Fire Stick tv, available for online purchase.

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