Tower of God - the webtoon returns this summer

Tower of God - the webtoon returns this summer

Tower of God, the South Korean manhwa written and drawn by SIU, returns this summer! WEBTOON has officially confirmed the return of the series that went on hiatus a few months ago. The series will soon arrive in Italy and will be published by Edizioni Star Comics.

Tower of God: the return of the series

As we all know, the author of Tower of God decided to take a break last year for health reasons caused by stress. However, he did not know anything about when he would resume the serialization of his comic, at least until today.

Indeed SIU has officially confirmed the resumption of the serialization of Tower of God through a post published on his personal blog , then revived by WEBTOON:

Tower of God: webtoon and manhwa

Tower of God was born as webtoon, a Korean name for comics published exclusively online and suitable for reading on digital devices thanks to the vertical reading mode. Designed and conceived by Lee Jong-hui, stage name SIU, it has been serialized on the Naver Webtoon platform since 2010.

In Italy, the Tower of God manga will be published in a full color volume starting from June 2021 by Edizioni Star Comics which describes the plot as follows:

It is said that whoever manages to get to the top of the tower can see any wish fulfilled. Rachel is a girl with a big dream, and in order to make it come true she is willing to do everything, even to abandon everything and everyone - including Bam, a boy who had always lived in total solitude immersed in darkness before meeting her, and who sees in Rachel. not just a friend and confidant, but a real light. When the girl decides to aim for the summit and disappears, Bam follows her without hesitation in the hope of being able to meet her again. But the ascent to the tower is strewn with difficulties and deadly trials to be sustained and overcome: only those who prove themselves worthy will be able to continue!

This is the second webtoon published by Edizioni Star Comics after Solo Leveling.

I also remember that the manhwa received an anime adaptation produced by the Japanese studio TMS Entertainment, which aired starting from April 2020 on Crunchyroll.

Waiting for the release of Tower of God, start reading Demon Slayer by Koyoharu Gotouge!

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