How to receive school plan funding for summer 2021

How to receive school plan funding for summer 2021

The Ministry of Education's project to keep schools open from June to provide support for students takes shape. Here's how to participate

(Photo: Nicolò Campo / Sipa Usa) The Ministry of Education has approved the school plan for summer 2021, the initiative that will allow educational institutions to remain open during the summer months and provide courses educational and relational additional to female students, after the long period in distance learning. To participate in the project, schools will have to complete an online registration with which to apply to receive the funds allocated by the ministry.

Compilation of personal data

First of all, the state institutions will have to update and complete the personal data sheets of school and school managers, while non-commercial peer schools will have to update the profile of the coordinator of didactic activities on the education information system (Sidi). At that point it will be possible to access the information system of the ministry through the Sidi institutional credentials.

Filling in the application

Once you have entered the system, you can submit your school application by clicking on Notices and applications . In this section, school managers and coordinators can enable any collaborators to fill in the application under the heading Management of qualifications. It will only be necessary to add the reference data sheets, using the Add teacher or Add non-teaching staff functions. Collaborators will be able to intervene on the application, after filling out their personal data sheet, by logging in to the 2014-2020 GPU system, entering with their GPU credentials.

Single or network application

First and second cycle schools will be able to apply as a single or networked school with other schools. In this second case, the entire enrollment procedure will have to be managed by the institution appointed as lead partner and the other schools will not have to submit any application. Provincial Centers for Adult Education will also be able to register.


Each type of school will be entitled to a maximum expenditure on the basis of the number of students: up to 60 thousand euros for 600 members and up to 100 thousand euros over 600 members. For schools participating in the network, the reference number of students will be that of the leading school.

Projects and modules

The application area will be divided into four sections: Projects, Summary, Check Print and Submit. In the Projects section, two modes of interventions can be chosen: those for the reduction of early school leaving and the scholastic success of students and that for the reduction of early school leaving and for the scholastic success of online students. Each intervention will be divided into different training modules, concerning physical activity, creative and artistic activities, education for citizenship, legality and human rights. Or related to the enhancement of language, digital, scientific or personal skills. The number of students must be entered for each module, between a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 20 participants. The number of hours foreseen for each module will be 30 and cannot be changed.

Financial statement and application submission

Once the module section has been completed and saved, the data will be considered as purchases and it will be possible to access the “financial statement”. The items present here will be filled in automatically on the basis of the data entered previously. The costs for the canteen service are considered an optional cost, for which a separate item is foreseen. At the end of the compilation of this section, the application will be validated, which will lead to the summary of the items, the control printing and the forwarding of the application.

The funded activities will be able to take place in the open spaces of schools and territory, in cinemas, theaters, museums, libraries, parks or sports centers, with the involvement of teachers, the third sector, educators and experts. The plan is structured in 3 phases and will take as its starting point the polls of June 2021, which will allow teachers to evaluate which personalized learning paths will be needed. Strengthening and strengthening courses in disciplinary and relational skills will also begin in June. July and August will be dedicated to socialization-based and recreational activities. While in September we will proceed with the introduction of the new school year and with the remedial exams for high school.

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