The European Union's plan to reopen borders to vaccinated tourists

The European Union's plan to reopen borders to vaccinated tourists

The Commission proposes to relax the restrictions on those who have received a full course of vaccinations or on those coming from countries with low infection rates

Travelers waiting to leave Milan Central Station by train (Milan - 2020 -08-02, Marco Passaro) The European Union is moving towards reopening for tourist travel, even for people from third countries who have low rates of Covid-19 infection, such as Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom Kingdom and for anyone who has received a full course of one of the vaccines authorized by Brussels. The European Commission has proposed to Member States to ease current travel restrictions by the beginning of June, in line with the evolution of the epidemiological situation and with the progress of the vaccination campaign in different countries.

Data the significant increase in vaccinations in the states of the Union, the Commission is pushing for the reopening to tourism, in view of the summer season. There will therefore be a relaxation of the rules on so-called "non-essential" travel, but also an emergency mechanism to suspend entry permits if the epidemiological situation worsens in third countries, or new variants emerge. The only requirement to enter the European borders could be the molecular swab before or after arrival, while quarantine may or may not be applied at the discretion of national authorities.

According to the Commission's proposals, all people who have received the final dose of the vaccine, at least 14 days before arrival, will be allowed to enter member countries without restrictions. Furthermore, even those who have received only one dose of the vaccine will be able to enter the European territory, if they come from countries with a "good epidemiological situation". Currently, tourist travel, regardless of vaccination status, is only allowed to 7 countries considered to be in a "good epidemiological situation". The Commission has also proposed to increase this list by increasing the assessment threshold according to which a country can fall under the definition of “good epidemiological situation”, from the current 25 cases every two weeks to 100. The Commission also relies on the green pass.

It will be up to the European Council to evaluate and approve this proposal. A first discussion has already been scheduled for May 4th. Once adopted by the Council, it will be up to the member states to implement the measures indicated and the Council will review and update the list of countries exempt from tourist travel restrictions every two weeks.

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