Hood: Outlaws & Legends, the proven one: our first steps with the Sumo Digital title

Hood: Outlaws & Legends, the proven one: our first steps with the Sumo Digital title


Hood: Outlaws & Legends is certainly after Resident Evil Village and together with Biomutant one of the most interesting titles of this May 2021. The title developed by the Newcastle division of Sumo Digital and published by Focus Entertainment offers an interesting dark fantasy reinterpretation of the Robin myth by Loxley, also known as Robin Hood, in multiplayer sauce. We were able to offer you a general overview just a few days ago; now instead, as we fight in various settings to steal from the rich to give to the poor, we tell you about our first steps in the tried of Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Division of honors and burdens

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: a surprise assault As soon as you started the game you are immediately catapulted into one of the playable maps at launch: Cemetery. Here you will learn the basics of the game in a tutorial that simulates a competitive match. You will start with the Drifter (Ranger), one of the four classes available at launch and perhaps the most iconic as it represents the legendary Robin Hood. Equipped with a bow and arrow your task is to cover allies' backs using your bow. From a distance the Drifter is actually lethal, he clearly suffers from close combat but as the tutorial explains to you, your task should lead you to play from afar: creating new shortcuts (hitting the ropes) and managing enemies with your main skill, that is a blow. area explosive.

We then move on to the Huntress, a lethal and stealth class equipped with a mini crossbow launching darts and a skill that can make it invisible for a few seconds. The main function of the Slayer is to act in the shadows, exploit the tall grass and steal the key from the Sheriff. The penultimate class, following the order of the tutorial, is the Monk. A support class able, thanks to its spiked club, to manage clashes against multiple enemies and above all to restore life and increase the resistance of allies with its ability. Finally L 'Attaccabrighe, or the class more focused on close combat. His massive hammer and damage-boosting ability make him the perfect class for brutal, no-holds-barred combat.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: the Drifter in action These classes enter a simple gameplay system in which you have two basic attacks: light and heavy (but also the running variant of the same), the possibility of parry, dodge and stealth kill. At the same time, however, the three phases of the matches increase the stratification of the action. First of all you will have to identify the sheriff, approach him, steal the key and then head to the fortress or castle to get the chest. Once recovered, get him to safety in one of the extraction points, all by managing the AI ​​soldiers, the enemy team of users and the Sheriff who can kill you with a single shot.

The tutorial offers in an exhaustive overview of the mechanics, after which the player can decide whether to dive into the "competitive" mode called Robbery or whether to train in the training mode. We strongly suggest you do the second one, oil the mechanics and if possible do it with your team in order to hone your synergies and strategies. Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a title that leaves the side of some technical imperfections, but rewards teams that are aware of the game and the mechanics.

The refuge of the outlaws

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: the four heroes in the camp Our first steps then led us to observe what is in effect an interactive menu that doubles as the team's hub: the camp. The outlaw refuge will provide you with an area with dummies in which to train in attacks, and some tents and statues to interact with. In addition to the statue of selection of your hero that will also allow you to observe its growth (with the exp levels earned by playing the player level increases but also the hero) and to the one to start the games, the points of greatest interest are precisely the tents.

We will have the skill tent in which to manage the perks of the classes to customize your approach. For example, you can choose a perk for the Drifter that always makes the arrows break once the target is hit, but increases the damage of the same, instead of one that by reducing the damage allows you to recover the arrows from the corpses of the soldiers. Then there will also be the weapons tent and the clothes tent. These two tents will allow you to aesthetically customize the classes and their weapons with skins obtainable as a bonus but also those obtained by leveling up with that given hero. At present there is also the presence of a camp level which, however, we have not been able to understand how and when it will increase. In the review, we will certainly have the opportunity to investigate this aspect too.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends turned out to be a fascinating title in these first steps. A title that we will explore in every nook and cranny to grasp all the details and subtleties it could hide. The tutorial confirmed the excellent propensity for the strategic approach, while the camp confirmed that the idea is to recreate the legend of Robin Hood in a personal version. Now the title enters the most important phase for us, that is the tests on the stability of the games, on the balance and on the feasibility of the strategies towards which the title is inclined.


The classes they are varied The camp can level up and is full of interactions DOUBTS Stability and balance still need to be tested Only constant support will be the key to possible success Have you noticed any mistakes?

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