Resident Evil Village: Beginner Tips in the Guide

Resident Evil Village: Beginner Tips in the Guide

Resident Evil Village

In our beginner's guide to Resident Evil 8 Village, we provide you with initial tips for getting started with the action shooter. That's right, the developers in Resident Evil Village focus on shooting orgies instead of flawless survival horror elements. In this starter guide, we'll focus on key elements of gameplay mechanics, weapon upgrades, treasures, and more. We provide you with a complete solution for Village, in which we go into detail on puzzles, important items and treasures as well as weapons.

You provide Ethan Winters' character not only with a supply of ammunition and medicinal herbs, but also for Food. In the corresponding section of these beginner tips, we explain to you why the hunting feature in Resident Evil Village is very confusing. You should also exercise caution with the level of difficulty for the first playthrough. After playing through you can start into NG + with all your weapons and upgrades. In this starter guide, you can find out why you should save the veteran difficulty level for the second playthrough.

Resident Evil 8 Village - Tips for starting the game

1 Difficulty: Normal or Veteran? 2 Block and kick 3 Run away vs. shoot 4 Opponents leave crafting items and treasures 5 Weapon upgrades for the Duke 6 What is the use of the hunting feature? 7 Combinable treasures 8 Clear maps and rooms 9 Attention, guidance! 10 Backtracking in the village

Difficulty: normal or veteran?

We finished our playthrough on normal. We never had the feeling that we were reaching a dead end due to a shortage of ammunition or too strong opponents. Due to the item drops of the sometimes very numerous opponents and the number of healing potions, you are well taken care of at all times. The complete opposite is offered by the difficulty level Veteran, which is not even the highest of emotions - there is still "Village of Shadows" as the ultimate challenge. Veteran makes you sweat with the first attack by the terror werewolves. Both healing and ammunition are few and far between. The real problem, however, are the standard opponents who can withstand ridiculously much more than in the normal difficulty level. You can torture yourself, but it's not really fun. Maybe "Veteran" or "Village of Shadows" are planned for the NG +. Here you start a new run with all upgrades and weapons. This clearly noticeable balancing problem will possibly be fixed with a patch.

Resident Evil 8 Village in the test PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 13

Resident Evil Village: Part 8 of the survival horror series in the test

In our review of Resident Evil: Village you will learn why the 8th part of Capcom's horror series is good, but falls short of expectations. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371593,1371513';

Block and kick

Kills opponents and then collects items and treasures. Source: PC Games If you hold down L1 (LT on the Xbox), you block an attack by the standard opponents in Resident Evil 8. Then you can press the block button again to initiate a counterattack. Especially on "Veteran" you can't really get around this mechanic. You eat so much damage from your opponents' melee attacks that you have to block. This slows down the flow of the first person shooter game a little, but you have no other choice. Just hold down L1 until the enemy attacks you. Immediately after the attack, you press L1 several times so that the opponent is kicked away and you give yourself some air.

Running away vs. shooting

Resident Evil 8 plays with so-called kill rooms in which you are in either finished a certain number of

opponents in certain sections or simply persevered for a certain period of time. You are already planning whether it is worth pumping valuable ammunition into useless enemy hordes or saving your ammunition for bigger bosses. We have gained the experience of being quite liberal with the pistol. The ammunition is more often scattered in the game than a shotgun or sniper rifle. You produce ammunition - as well as medicine - in the inventory yourself. By the way, you can buy crafting recipes for other types of ammunition from the dealer. We almost overlooked this in our playthrough because the icons for ammunition and recipe do not differ that much.

Opponents leave crafting items and treasures

in the waves of opponents in the castle, village or also Later on on the paths to the other levels, you will collect crafting items and treasures. You sell the crystal treasures at the dealer Duke to rake in a lot of coal. With items such as herbs, scrap metal or even gunpowder, you produce ammunition and fill up your supplies. As already mentioned, at the beginning of Resident Evil Village (buy now) you should be careful not to put all material in pistol ammunition. Just make sure you have a good supply here and prefer to make shotgun ammunition later.

Weapon upgrades at the Duke

The dealer is back. As in Resident Evil 4, the hero relies on a dealer in Part 8. With this you buy weapons, ammunition, healing or upgrades for weapons. In addition to the reload speed, you also increase ammunition capacity, damage and rate of fire. This is at the Duke you buy weapons, upgrades and have delicious dishes made from meat. Source: PC Games but capped. So you cannot skill the damage of a weapon to the maximum level right from the start. We clearly recommend increasing the ammunition capacity of the guns here. Attention: As soon as you increase a level of capacity, it will be reloaded to the maximum. So it's definitely worth upgrading empty weapons. With the sniper rifle or grenade launcher, you definitely invest in the rate of fire and reload speed. You also buy upgrades for weapons from the Duke, which you then equip on the weapon. Make sure that you are no longer allowed to remove any upgrades that have already been made. In the menu, however, you switch off the display of the upgrades on weapons - this is particularly helpful for gimmick upgrades such as collectible figures on shotgun or pistol. Incidentally, you will also receive a higher quality shotgun later. Just sell the old ratchet to treat yourself to the new one.

What does the hunting feature bring?

You can find all kinds of animals in the village. If you do this, they leave behind meat that you are not allowed to use directly for healing. This feature doesn't seem really well thought out at the beginning, as you only get the cooking option from the dealer later. If you get meat from animals at the beginning, don't sell it! The big disadvantage: the meat takes up space in the inventory. In any case, collect it until you can give it to the dealer in the appropriate option. There are upgrades in the form of food orders for improved blocking, more life energy and faster movements for Ethan. Of course, you first invest all raw materials in the menus for life energy before you also make the others. You are allowed to give meat even if the corresponding menu has not yet been cooked. The dealer keeps it. We'll tell you later in a corresponding tip whether all menus can be created in one playthrough.

Combinable treasures

You create healing potions and ammunition in the inventory. Be sure to save the raw materials for later shotgun ammunition. Source: Capcom In the course of Resident Evil 8 Village you will also find treasures that you can combine. Your advantage: Unlike in Resident Evil 4, the in-game menu or at the dealer in Resi 8 shows which treasures can be combined. Just pick it up. You can easily find all parts while browsing through the levels and completely combing through the rooms. Combined, the treasures bring you far more coal at the dealer. Later in the game you have to accept some backtracking for some parts and treasures. But that gives you a lot of money to buy the weapons and upgrades later on.

Clear maps and rooms

No matter what level of the game you are in, you call up the in-game map from Resident Evil 8 and find out if there are any items in the room. If the room lights up red, there are still items or treasures in it. If it lights up blue, you have found everything. In the village, for example, this plays an important role in the individual houses. Sometimes there are also treasures in the wall decorations, so be sure to check the walls and ceilings as well. Sometimes, however, a room also glows red and you will only find all the parts later. In Villa Beneviento, for example, the foyer glows red when you enter it for the first time. We have collected all the parts, but the ground floor is still glowing red. Only at the end of the section does the whole thing clear up and we collect all the objects.

Warning, guidance!

This leads us to the next point. The game guides you level by level through the Romanian landscape. You will always come to the

village as the central point. At the same time, however, the game limits, for example, the return to certain areas. So if you have entered Lady Dimitrescu's castle, then you should complete it - if you value it. After the final boss fight there, it is no longer possible to return to the castle. You will find lockpicks in the course of the game that you can use to open locked drawers. Sometimes the dealer Duke also offers lockpicks for sale. Use this option, you will usually find valuable ammunition in such hiding places. On the in-game map you can check which rooms are still shown in red, also floor by floor.

Backtracking in the village

When you return to the village, you will later find items such as keys or the well crank , thanks to which you can get items or explore new parts of the village. For example, if you have completed the castle, we definitely recommend another tour through the village. Here you can unlock drawers with a lock or find lots of animals to hunt in order to unlock upgrades for life energy, blocking or movement speed with the Duke. New weapons are also waiting behind many a locked door. Your advantage: animals as well as corresponding castles and later treasure chests are marked on the map. After each level section, a new tour through the village is worthwhile. No tip for a gimmick: visit the church in the village after you have played through Dimitrescu Castle.

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