Resident Evil Village: many news emerged during the show Play! Play! Play!

Resident Evil Village: many news emerged during the show Play! Play! Play!

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village was one of the two protagonists of the Japanese show Play! Play! Play! aired this morning. The hosts replayed the Maiden demo and showed trailers and gameplay clips already known to us, but during the chat many interesting ideas emerged that we report below.

During the show it was pointed out that it is the the first time that two consecutive episodes of the saga offer the same protagonist, in this case Ethan Winters, therefore the developers have worked hard to stage a decisive growth of the character. Lady Dimistrescu was created in this way to allow her to stand out both on all the other inhabitants of the village, and on all the houses thanks to her huge castle. The latter was built to reflect the character's own traits, such as lust and extravagance. Capcom also reiterated that a new Resident Evil Village demo will be launched this spring, which will be taken from the full game and will include combat.

The development studio also admitted that it was inspired by Resident Evil 4, focusing on on the aspects that have most obtained the consensus of gamers. Resident EVil Village will also offer more freedom to approach players than ever before, and will include many more Resident Evil 7 weapons and additional gameplay mechanics, such as guarding, stealth, racing and multipath. The vendor, Duke, will offer a wide range of items, such as weapons, upgrades, crafting projects and other surprises. For the realization of the settings, the developers carried out scouting sessions in Eastern Europe during the month of March, thus finding a cold and windy climate, with places covered with snow, an experience that greatly influenced the appearance of the village. Without this trip, the village in the game would not have been covered in snow.

Capcom also advises anyone who wants to buy Village to play the entire series, as there will be many references to the past, and has confirmed that the game is in the final stages of development that the release date of 7 May will be respected. Also confirmed support for PS5's DualSense adaptive triggers.

Resident Evil Village – New Details Revealed on Combat, Weapons, Story, and More

Capcom also assures that development is in its final stages, and the game is on track for its May launch.

Resident Evil Village Chris Punished

Resident Evil Village is less than two months away from launch now, and excitement surrounding the survival horror sequel is ramping up day by day. With the series’ 25th anniversary coming up and the game itself not far away from launch, Capcom are likely going to be dropping major new details on Village soon- some of which are already here.

Interviews with the game’s developers in a recent Japanese PlayStation stream have revealed new details on Resident Evil Village, and though the stream is, of course, in Japanese, you can check out a summarization of the highlights in this Twitter thread by Dusk Golem (a.k.a. AestheticGamer). On top of reiterating things that have previously been confirmed and talked about, such as the fact that the game is receiving a second demo this Spring, and that it takes a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil 4, the developers also go into new information on combat, weapons, and more.

Where the former is concerned, it seems Capcom have attempted to give more options to players in how to tackle things, with additional actions such as guarding, melee combat, stealth, and more giving viable alternatives for those who don’t want to engage in traditional combat. Meanwhile, multiple branching paths also allow players to choose whether or not they want to avoid certain situations at times. The developers also confirm that Resident Evil Village has a variety of different weapons- in fact, it apparently has “a lot more weapons” than Resident Evil 7 did.

They also speak about the Duke a little bit, confirming that the new merchant will regularly have a lot of things on sale, including weapons, crafting recipes, ammo, health items, weapon upgrades, and even some secret things that the developers aren’t talking about just yet. They have attempted to make it so that players feel relieved and safe every time they meet the Duke, and can take a breath and focus on thinking about what they want to spend money on.

Meanwhile, the devs also say that players will want to replay all the previous games in the series before heading into Village, since it apparently has connections to a lot of older plot threads and will cover a lot of the series’ past- which should be particularly exciting to hear for RE fans. Finally, they confirm that development on Resident Evil Village is in its final stages, with the game on track for its planned launch.

Resident Evil Village is due out for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 7.

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