Resident Evil Village, Maiden: all the easter eggs of the PS5 demo

Resident Evil Village, Maiden: all the easter eggs of the PS5 demo
A few days after the debut of the Resident Evil Village demo available exclusively on PlayStation 5, Maiden, players from all over the world have examined every pixel of the environments present in the trial version and have discovered all the easter eggs.

Capcom in fact had fun inserting a series of clues that players can find around the map and thus discover some additional details not only on the scary castle but also on its disturbing tenants, among which we find the giant woman-vampite Lady Dimitrescu.

Maiden Demo Easter Eggs

Here is the list of all Maiden Easter Eggs:

Just outside Maiden's cell you can find a room full of medicines and one of them has a label that says "for the cattle". This sentence suggests that the Dimitrescu family takes care of the health of the villagers for the sole purpose of having a constant supply of fresh blood for their macabre rituals In the first phase of the demo it is possible to hear numerous sounds that can deceive the player, from the moment that there is no monster hunting him. In fact, it seems that these sounds are of the creature that occupies one of the cages (perhaps a werewolf?) That runs away just a few moments before Maiden We do not know in which year the demo is set, but in one of the letters it is mentioned 1958, year during which seems to have happened horrible and supernatural things: is it the transformation of the inhabitants of the castle?

In the room where you end up immediately after escaping from the basement there is a vinyl player with an album called Danse Macabre, a really existing composition dedicated to death.The necklace of animal bones found at the entrance to the Dimitrescu castle belongs to Maiden and, according to the description of the item, it was worn by the protagonist of the demo to ward off evil. We can therefore assume that the girl is none other than one of the villagers and that the demo is set several years earlier than the vicentas of Ethan Winters.In another document we can discover the name of one of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters, or Miss Daniela. According to the sheet, this would seem to be the cruelest of the trio.

Similar to what happened with the Baker family in Resident Evil 7, it would seem that in the Dimitrescu castle villagers are kidnapped to carry out strange experiments and in one of the documents that can be read in the demo 12 "failed experiments" are mentioned, among which we find women called Itina, Mihaela and Lois A further confirmation that the shady characters who roam the castle are vampires is the presence on the ground floor, right in front of the fireplace , of a table whose glasses can be analyzed and are stained with blood In the room that hides the key to access the courtyard of the castle it is possible to find the description of Sanguis Virginis, a particular wine produced by Alcina Dimitrescu. Since in English the wine is called "Maiden's blood", we can imagine that Maiden may have contributed to the creation of new stocks of this wine. Also on the upper floor of the castle there is a closed door behind which, however, we can peek thanks to the presence of a grate on the wall, which seems to hide a huge statue.

Could it be an altar dedicated to the mysterious Mother Miranda? If Lady Dimitrescu seems to possess great strength and the ability to draw claws (some believe she is a Tyrant), it is likely that her daughters' abilities are profoundly different, since their abilities seem to be more similar. to those of Marguerite Baker in the seventh chapter We remind you that on our pages you can also find a guide on how to complete the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo on PS5.

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