Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, preview: all the details of the DLC

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, preview: all the details of the DLC

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, preview

Let's face it, most of the fans who followed the event focused on Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier did so because the presence of Final Fantasy VII Remake in the form of a trailer was practically confirmed. A tiny amount of fans believed they would see or hear something from the infamous Part 2, while the rest remained grounded and weren't disappointed, as Square Enix actually released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Intergrade for PlayStation 5. and, above all, the DLC titled Episode INTERmission. Let's see together what we found out about the new content pack coming out in June.

Episode INTERmission

The first part of the trailer is a roundup of scenes that mostly refer to the very last lines of Final Fantasy VII Remake: an inexplicable choice that anticipates some very important twists to anyone who is waiting for the Intergrade version to play the Square Enix title on PlayStation 5. In other words, if you have not yet played and completed Final Fantasy VII Remake, jump directly to about 1'11 "of the video below. Summing up without spoilers, the first minute of the trailer shows off graphics, showing us Final Fantasy VII Remake in version PlayStation 5: more fluid, more detailed, better illuminated, in a riot of particles and crackling battles. To be honest, this trailer of the next-gen version also unveils a very short sequence of the fight with Weiss, a new boss that Cloud and associates will be able to deal only in Chadley's VR simulator and that should have nothing to do with the actual narrative of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: here is Yuffie Kisaragi. Does this mean we dodged the return of the mediocre Dirge of Cerberus by a hair's breadth? Eh, no, not really. Not entirely. The new Episode INTERmission trailer opens on Yuffie and Sonon, grappling with the soldiers of Deepground. For those left behind on the matter: Sonon Kusakabe is a completely new character, never appeared in the original Final Fantasy VII, who accompanies Yuffie on a mission. Our favorite ninja must in fact recover a Materia kept in the Shinra palace, and this will lead her to graze in advance the road that Cloud and the others are traveling on. Sonon fights using a stick, but is not directly playable: we will only be able to control Yuffie and occasionally summon Sonon to perform spectacular combo attacks, while he will act on his own on the battlefield.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Yuffie and Sonon in the new DLC. Deepground is instead a top secret military unit of Shinra best outlined in the controversial Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. This enemy force counted among its ranks a series of superhumans called Tsviet, led by Weiss. The latter also had a brother, Nero the Sable, able to manipulate the darkness: well, Nero is the boss that Yuffie and Sonon face in a duel towards the end of the trailer, the type with the skeletal steel wings and the mask reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter and generating tendrils of darkness around our heroes, attacking them from a distance with his firearms. It is difficult to understand the extent of this narrative graft; we do not know, that is, if Tetsuya Nomura is actually introducing the cast of Dirge of Cerberus - and of the whole Compilation of Final Fantasy VII - in the new universe of the Remake, or if he is limiting these appearances to DLCs such as Episode INTERmission as homages, after all, harmless .

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Yuffie and Sonon run on a wall. Episode INTERmission, however, will take some more liberties than the original Final Fantasy VII storyline, but the ones we glimpsed in the trailer are much more interesting. On the gameplay front, we admired the summoning of Ramuh, who was strangely absent in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and then we saw Fort Condor ... only it became something of a board game in the DLC! The storyline focused on Fort Condor has always been very controversial and botched, so we wouldn't be surprised if the team removed it completely, paying homage to it in the form of a colorful minigame. What little we have seen is not enough to formulate a concrete hypothesis on the gameplay, but it seems that Fort Condor is still a sort of tower defense in which we will have to deploy various units and occasionally select some special abilities that help us break through the enemy defenses.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: a fight. Finally, another interesting addition concerns Scarlet, who in the trailer challenges Yuffie and Sonon aboard a prototype of the Proud Clod that in the original title Cloud and the others faced only in the final stages of the adventure. The scene, however, reveals that it was one of the machines designed by the perverse Shinra scientist that killed Sonon's sister Melphie. In short, the question will become personal for Yuffie's bodyguard, a character who most likely will not make it to Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2: if it is true that Nomura and Kazushige Nojima are rewriting the script of the original title, and therefore everything it is possible, we struggle to believe that they have decided to add to the cast a character introduced in a DLC which, moreover, in terms of pure and simple design, is quite anonymous. We'll know more starting June 10.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Sonon. Despite the presence of those two there, Weiss and Nero the Sable, Episode INTERmission seems to be a promising DLC, centered on the adorable Yuffie, with a solid and spectacular combat system that could represent a taste of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. We are curious to discover not only this new story, but also the way in which Nomura has adapted some of the content of the original title, for example Fort Condor, and fortunately it is not long before the release.


Technically it is always a joy for the eyes The combat system revised and corrected for the occasion DOUBT The presence of Nero the Sable The transformation of Fort Condor into a minigame Did you notice any errors?

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