Eufy's smart home devices displayed footage from security cameras

Eufy's smart home devices displayed footage from security cameras

A bug in the company's servers allowed its users to view saved footage and live video provided by home surveillance cameras installed in other people's homes. Everything was fixed without any unpleasant consequences

(photo: Eufy) Numerous owners of Eufy home security cameras have discovered that a system bug allowed them to access footage recorded by cameras installed by other users with whom they had no contact. The problem emerged thanks to a user who reported the anomaly on a Reddid thread where users from all over the world then detailed their experiences.

By accessing the remote control of the cameras, users have discovered to be able to connect to cameras belonging to other users around the world. Although access to your profile was performed with your credentials, the system redirected users to the control panel of another user's cameras, thus allowing them to access the recordings stored in memory and the live video provided by the security cameras installed. in homes.

On Reddit some users explained that disconnecting from the interface and re-logging in the problem was solved automatically. Others kept noticing that when they logged in they appeared as guest users on another person's shared profile.

Eufy explained that the problem, which lasted only an hour, was due to a bug in one of their server, now resolved by their technical department. The company advised all its users to disconnect and reconnect the base that manages the cameras at home and to log out of the security app, then log in to return to reuse the services without further problems.

Fortunately, in addition to causing some confusion among users, according to Eufy, the problem has not been abused by malicious actors, violating users' privacy. This misunderstanding, however, sets off an alarm bell that puts the video surveillance company to attention. The management of such a wide range of private videos of users that, due to a bug, is exposed potentially violating the privacy of the subjects is certainly not a problem to be passed on nonchalantly by declaring that simply "it was a computer error". Eufy will now have to improve the security of its servers and prevent such episodes from happening again in the future.

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