Cheap Electric Toothbrushes | The best of May 2021

Cheap Electric Toothbrushes | The best of May 2021

Dental care is a very fundamental aspect in everyday life, however simple toothbrushes do not guarantee a deep cleaning. Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, thanks to their rotating heads, can really make a difference and at the same time prevent many of the problems related to dental health. However, choosing the right product in any field can often prove difficult, especially considering the proliferation of alternatives with similar characteristics.

Read also: Electric barbecues | The best of May 2021 So, in an attempt to give you a hand in choosing what can be the best electric toothbrush for your needs, we have decided to draw up for you a handy list of cheap electric toothbrushes, with the aim of helping you in the make the choice that best suits your pocket. Furthermore, to make everything even more useful and attractive, we have added each proposal the indication of some heads, with advice for purchases that can adapt to normal or sensitive teeth.

As already happened in other articles of this generally, we have chosen various products that offer a decidedly high quality / price ratio and, of course, good technical characteristics, choosing Amazon Italy as the reference store, both for what concerns the availability of the various models of toothbrushes, and for the heads, choosing those that have been tested and approved by our editorial team of experts.

Editor's note: the aforementioned article has been updated on 04/05/2021. Given the importance and quality of the toothbrushes mentioned below, we have added another product not to be underestimated today. Of course, this buying guide will be updated with new toothbrushes in the coming months.

The best cheap electric toothbrushes

Oral-B Kids x Star Wars Fairywill Sonic P11 Plus Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Xiaomi Mi Sonic Oral-B Pro 2 2500 Oclean X Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4500 Oral-B Smart 4 4500 CrossAction Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Oral-B iO

Oral-B Kids x Star Wars

Cleaning the teeth is a very fundamental aspect even for the little ones, which is why we thought of recommend the Oral-B Kids model, in particular the one dedicated to the decades-old Star Wars saga. It is a product with a small head to adapt to the mouth of children and has soft bristles to protect the gums. It boasts two brushing modes and a timer that indicates the sufficient working time recommended by dentists! The selling price is around 20 euros!

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Fairywill Sonic P11 Plus

After examining one of the best products for children we can definitely move on to those developed for adults, and particularly the Fairywill Sonic P11 Plus. It is an electric toothbrush with a magnetic levitation turbocharger function, therefore capable of developing up to 62,000 brush movements. This toothbrush also boasts different washing modes (Clean, Soft, Massage) and a battery that can be recharged in no time. Its selling price? Around 40 euros!

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Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction

Among the many alternatives on the market in question, we point out the electric and economical toothbrush called Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction. It is a particular product that guarantees an effective action to remove plaque up to 100%, thanks to a round head. As if that weren't enough, this little gem of technology ensures excellent protection for the gums and a series of useful functions when brushing your teeth, such as the professional timer and the "Daily Cleaning" brushing mode. Inside the package, in addition to the toothbrush, there are the charger, an instruction manual and a spare head.

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Xiaomi Mi Sonic

Xiaomi does not only produce smartphones in fact, over the years, it is not difficult to find some other product belonging to its famous brand . The Chinese giant has developed an electric toothbrush that integrates a series of smart features at a very low price. The mechanism under the body manages to generate 31,000 vibrations per minute, and allows you to eliminate plaque more effectively than a traditional toothbrush. Being one of the few electric toothbrushes with a Bluetooth connection, those interested will be able to access the proprietary application to trace the brush and customize the brushing (such as time and whitening mode). Inside the package, there are also a dock for charging, a head and the user manual.

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Oral-B Pro 2 2500

The Oral-B Pro 2 2500 represents a well-made toothbrush for its selling price and features. This device guarantees deep cleaning through a rotating mechanism and a brushing pressure sensor. As if that weren't enough, this toothbrush features a two-minute timer and two modes (Daily Cleaning and Gum Protection). The battery (integrated in the handle) lasts over two weeks, and is fully recharged in a few hours. The package also contains an electric toothbrush handle with charger and a spare head.

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Oclean X

The Oclean X is without a doubt one of the most sought after electric toothbrushes in the Amazon marketplace, and it is also equipped with good characteristics. a very low price. Among the most important features we find a small touchscreen display, which allows you to easily set the brushing mode. Thanks to the built-in six-axis gyroscope, this device is able to monitor the eight areas in the palate to significantly improve the brushing of one's teeth. In addition to this, the Oclean X can connect to an application to customize the washing and sensitivity level of the gums. Inside the handle there is also an integrated 800 mAh battery, which allows you to reach one month of use.

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Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4500

Philips is a company that has always produced excellent products for the health of our body, especially the mouth. A definitely recommended product is the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4500, a toothbrush that benefits from the so-called "Sonicare" technology, and is consequently capable of delivering up to 62,000 movements per minute, in other words it can whiten the teeth up to two times more. compared to a manual toothbrush. In addition, there are two programmable modes and the brush head is always connected with the toothbrush torso to let you know too much pressure is applied to the gums and teeth. If you are interested in buying it, you can buy it for around 65 euros!

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Oral-B Smart 4 4500 CrossAction

As the latest product in this guide, we strongly recommend the purchase of the Oral-B Smart 4 4500 CrossAction electric toothbrush, a mid-range device that offers better cleaning of the gums and , of course, of the teeth. Thanks to an innovative brushing mechanism and a sensor, this toothbrush is able to gently whiten the teeth, as well as effectively cleaning the palate. In addition, a professional 2-minute timer is also available in this product, which is the right compromise to eliminate most of the bacterial plaque. The battery, contained in the handle, lasts over two weeks with a single charge. Finally, in the package there are also two heads and a travel case.

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Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

Connected with your smartphone via the proprietary Philips SonicCare application, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart toothbrush will be able not only to effectively clean your teeth but also to monitor and improve the oral hygiene routine, thanks to a series of intelligent sensors that will guide you in cleaning to obtain an excellent experience. Furthermore, with four cleaning modes (Clean, White +, Gum Health, Deep Clean +) and three pressure intensities, DiamondClean Smart will adapt to your needs and therefore to your gums. The package includes a black DiamondClean Smart handle, a C3 Premium Plaque Defense head, a refill cup and a charging base. Its selling price? About 170 euros.

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Oral-B iO

Oral -B is the undisputed protagonist of this particular buying guide, in fact we want to present you as the latest product the Oral-B electric toothbrush with iO magnetic technology, which guarantees deep cleaning and a delicate brushing experience. This product expertly combines the round head of the Oral-B toothbrush with gentle micro-vibrations, for a clean sensation. In addition, this toothbrush has an interactive display that indicates the most important information on brushing, namely the methods, the wear of the brush head and a series of functions such as the greeting and the smile. As specified, there is no shortage of different methods ranging from "Daily Cleaning" to "Sensitive Teeth" and "Ultra-Sensible", passing from "Deep Cleaning" and "Gum Protection". Inside the package there are, in addition to the toothbrush, a magnetic charger, a premium travel case, a charger and a holder for the head. All for just under 200 euros!

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How to choose the best electric toothbrushes

After taking a look at our review of the best products on the market, it is necessary to do a little smattering of all the characteristics (technical and non-technical) in an electric toothbrush. Here are the specifications.

Hardware and software functions Structure Power supply Heads spare parts and accessories

Hardware and software functions

In spite of the cleaning mode (Oscillation, Rotation, Pulsation and Sonic technology ), an electric toothbrush must necessarily have a series of hardware and software functions. First of all, it must guarantee a series of brushing modes, which allow you to clean your teeth according to your needs. Then, a timer must be integrated to keep track of the cleaning time, avoiding inflammation of the gums. And as the latest specification, a latest generation toothbrush must have a Bluetooth chip to interface with the smartphone.


A self-respecting electric toothbrush must have a structure that guarantees a good grip . At the same time it is necessary to purchase a product with a charging base (preferably with the predisposition for wall attachment) and with a compartment to contain the interchangeable heads.

Power supply

L ' nutrition is very important. First of all, you need to find a product that ensures good autonomy and at the same time that also has the fast recharge function, so that you can avoid always putting it on charge or recharging it for many hours (some products require a recharge of 8 hours). br>

Head parts and accessories

The best products are sometimes sold together with some secondary accessories. This expedient first of all allows you to obtain a small saving on a future purchase and at the same time equip yourself with all those options that improve the general use experience. The heads are a fundamental aspect, it is therefore good to remember to buy a toothbrush with heads on the market.

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