Electric barbecues | The best of May 2021

Electric barbecues | The best of May 2021

In recent weeks we have talked extensively about barbecues, in particular the economic, gas and charcoal ones, but the time has come to focus our attention on electric barbecues. Compared to traditional tools, they represent economic and at the same time functional solutions since they allow you to grill food easily and surely quickly, without too many headaches.

Read also: Gas barbecue | The best of May 2021 Before moving on to our selection of barbecues, it is necessary to inform you that, as a reference point, we have deliberately chosen Amazon Italia for the easy availability of products, and of course for the excellent after-sales assistance in case of article did not conform to the description of the well-known e-commerce site.

Editor's note: we have updated the guide to 03/05/2021 with a new addition. Good shopping and good appetite!

The best electric barbecues

Ariete 723 Party Grill Ardes AR1B01 - Electric BBQ Deik Electric griddle G3Ferrari Galactic Grill-G10027 Severin KG 2397 George Foreman Smokeless BBQ Aicook Electric grill

Ariete 723 Party Grill

The first product of the guide on the best electric barbecues is Ariete's Party Grill, a definitely economical solution, which at the same time guarantees a good quality / price ratio. Party Grill, first of all, has a stainless steel grill and a coil distributed over the entire tray to grill meat and fish evenly. The dimensions of the cooking grill are 41.5 x 24 cm, while the dimensions of the product, in its entirety, are 52 x 39 x 8 cm. Its selling price, on the other hand, is only 35 euros.

Ardes AR1B01 - Electric BBQ

Ardes has designed an electric barbecue that meets our research parameters, in fact it has a relatively low price and not a few qualities. The product in question has a removable chromed steel grill measuring 22 cm x 38 cm. In addition, it is possible to adjust the temperature through a convenient knob. As if that were not enough, the grill and tray are completely washable with water and even in the dishwasher. In short, for just over 35 euros it is really difficult to find better!

Deik Electric plate

From Deik comes a hot plate certainly not to be underestimated for its price and technical characteristics. This product, in fact, has a plate with dimensions of 46 x 26 cm, and is perfectly suited to a barbecue for 5-7 people. The heating power of the plate is 1800 W, enough to roast all foods quickly and easily. Furthermore, at the edges of the plate there are two grease drains, which allow to collect all the excess grease. Its selling price? About 50 euros!

G3Ferrari Galactic Grill-G10027

Another product that deserves to be included in this special guide is the electric barbecue designed by G3Ferrari, named Galactic Grill-G10027. This is an article that is characterized by a very limited weight and by its enormous power (we are talking about about 1900-2300 W). But that's not all, since the Galactic Grill-G10027 has an all-metal body, and a grill made of stainless steel, therefore suitable for its main use. Among other technical features, we find the dimensions of 50 x 28 cm. In short, a product of excellent workmanship, ideal for any occasion!

Severin KG 2397

The Severin KG 2397 is a complete barbecue, because first of all it has a large cooking surface (specifically 2052 square centimeters) and a drawer for collecting cooking liquids. In short, the Severin electric BBQ is particularly suitable for cozy evenings on the balcony, considering that it can be used as a food warmer thanks to its 2,200 watt power. Its selling price? It is possible to buy it for about 60 euros.

George Foreman Smokeless BBQ

Among the most compact solutions in this market segment we certainly find the electric barbecue designed and developed by George Foreman. It is a product with small dimensions, and a decent power (1350 W). Compared to other barbecues, this one has a grill designed to direct the boiling fat towards the drip tray and, as if that were not enough, there is the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the coil with a small knob. In addition, the plate and tray are completely dishwasher safe, so as to simplify cleaning and maintenance. Its selling price? About 100 euros!

Aicook Electric Grill

The Aicook is not a simple electric grill, but it is a compact solution ideal for all families craving grilled meat. With its eight preset cooking programs (bacon, chicken, sausages, steaks, seafood, hamburgers, frozen food mode and manual mode) it allows you to perform 27 different recipes without having to carry out rigorous monitoring. It also has a digital LED panel to allow you to view the cooking status of the food and select the cooking mode. The removable aluminum plates are easy to clean because they have a non-stick finish, while the grease tray is dishwasher safe. Its selling price, if you are interested, is around 120 euros.

How to choose the best electric barbecues

After the roundup of recommended products, the time has come to explain the modus operandi to choose the best electric barbecues. In this guide we have therefore chosen products characterized by a very high quality / price ratio. Furthermore, you will only find products that guarantee a good seal over time, considering that they will be used several times during their life cycle. The characteristics to look for, before making the purchase, are:

Solidity Quality / price ratio Accessories


In the barbecue segment it is very important to choose products with a high build quality, because it guarantees lasting solidity over time, especially after many cycles of use. One of the fundamental points is therefore to choose articles made of stainless steel and structurally solid.

Quality / price ratio

The quality / price ratio is an essential aspect. There are very expensive products that do not guarantee good quality, which is why several researches must be done to understand the actual quality of a product.


The secondary accessories, if included with the inside the sales package, they are a plus that should not be underestimated because they allow for savings.

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