Sapphire, here are the two new video cards based on the Radeon RX 6700 XT

Sapphire, here are the two new video cards based on the Radeon RX 6700 XT


In a press release, the well-known manufacturer Sapphire has officially announced its new Radeon RX 6700 XT Nitro + graphics card, designed to meet the needs of gamers aiming for maximum performance at 1440p resolution.

The device is equipped with 2,560 stream processors with a boost clock of up to 2,622MHz and a game clock of up to 2,548MHz, coupled with 12GB of GDDR6 memory with a rate of 12Gb / s effective and 96MB of Infinity Cache to reduce latency and power consumption. The graphics card also offers four video outputs, including one HDMI 2.1 and three Display Port 1.4 with DSC support. As well as the other proposals based on the RDNA 2 architecture, the GPU offers full support for Ray Tracing operations in real time, thanks to the presence of 40 enhanced computing units and 40 Ray Accelerators.

Unlike the model reference, the Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 XT Nitro + features the proprietary Tri-X cooling solution, which uses two larger and one smaller fans spinning in opposite directions for greater efficiency. The fins fitted with tunnels on the fans help to increase the convection of the air flow allowing the Tri-X system to keep the temperature and noise low. Thanks to the eleven-phase digital power supply system and the use of fans with a hybrid design that combines the strengths of the traditional axial and blower fan, the product offers maximum silence and thermal dissipation, as well as an optimal supply of current to the various components.

In addition, each card is equipped with a Dual BIOS that allows you to choose between high performance and silent modes to enhance the gaming experience. With the BIOS switch you can quickly and easily switch from high performance mode to silent mode and vice versa using the TriXX software.

Sapphire also unveiled the PULSE Radeon RX 6700 XT which, unlike the Nitro + model. , offers a less conspicuous aesthetic and a dual fan cooling system. Sapphire NITRO + and PULSE AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics cards are now available worldwide at major Sapphire brand product retailers.

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Residents of flooded Queensland town urged to evacuate – but for some there's a sapphire lining

Residents in the regional Queensland township of Sapphire were told to evacuate to higher ground on Wednesday morning after thunderstorms brought up to 215mm of rainfall to the area – but for some the heavy rain may have a silver lining.

Victoria Bentham, the co-owner of Sapphire Caravan and Cabin Park, told the Guardian the main road out of town had been completely flooded, trapping residents, but some were using the opportunity to fossick for sapphires unearthed by the heavy rain.

“There are already people out in the sapphire fields looking for sapphires,” she said.

“Sapphires are in the ground there and when it floods the flood waters wash them down the creek beds and they get stuck behind billy boulders.

“So there are numerous people already down there looking for their future fortunes. It just goes to show that even in tough times there is always a glimmer of light.”

The Central Highlands regional council issued an emergency alert for Sapphire residents just before 5am, as the river height of Retreat Creek rose nearly 10 metres in a few hours, reaching major flood level.

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded heavy rain in the Central Highlands district in the early hours of Wednesday morning, with Florence Vale receiving 124mm of rain by 1.40am, and Keilambete receiving 138mm by 12.35am.

Bentham said that for those not seeking their fortunes, there was a more dismal outlook with the town completely surrounded by flood waters.

“The main road is completely breached and impassable. We can still get to Ruby Vale where there is a convenience store, so we have some access. But I’m told that the road at the other side of Ruby Vale is also flooded too, so we are basically an island,” Bentham said.

“We are very fortunate that we live at the top of a hill so we have dry feet, but a couple of caravan parks had to be evacuated at 4.30am this morning.”

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Sapphire hadn’t flooded in around a decade. Bentham said it had been so long that “the emergency siren in Sapphire didn’t work [this morning], so I’m not sure if some people woke up to wet feet.”

The BoM had also issued flood warnings for the Bulloo River, Diamantina River, and minor flood warnings for the upper Warrego River and the Paroo River.

Heavy rain had also been recorded in the Wide Bay, and Burnett and Capricornia coasts.

Maryborough was hit with up to 103mm of rain early Tuesday morning, almost twice as much as recorded in the whole month of March 2020 and its highest daily total since 2018.

For some, the rain was a welcome break in the drought-affected central and southern parts of Queensland.

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