Polaroid has created the 3D pen that prints edible candy

Polaroid has created the 3D pen that prints edible candy

The well-known company Polaroid has created a pen that 3D prints edible candies. This is probably the dream of every child who from today will be able to draw real candies that he can also eat. The Polaroid Candy Play 3D Pen is available in six colors and six different flavors (strawberry, orange, apple, grape, lemon and cola). The candies are sugar-free and suitable for vegans, which will make many parents happy too.

As we read on the Polaroid website, the 3D Candy Play pen was designed for a truly transversal user base: "The elegant and ergonomic design guarantees a natural grip for any hand. The Start button is located on the top panel of the 3D pen, allowing your hand to control the pen in the best possible way. It ensures that both right and left handed users are able to operate and use the pen with equal ease. It uses a USB C connection, which means it can be used with the most up-to-date mobile technology charging cables ”.

The Candy Play 3D Pen comes with four free strawberry candy cartridges and is very easy for even the youngest children to use. Operation is also simple, just plug in the pen and wait for the LED light to signal the right temperature to create delicious candies. Then you press a button and the liquid that comes out of the pen, once solidified, can be eaten. Polaroid has also made available on its website some nice stancils to download (at this link) and use as a guide for the delicious creations.

The Candy Play 3D pen does not derive from a completely innovative technology since 3D printers that extrude edible material, instead of plastic, have already been introduced in the world of design. What sets this product apart is that it is entirely freehand, allowing anyone to start drawing immediately, without having to learn any software or prepare a 3D model first. The introductory price of Polaroid's 3D Candy Play is fifty dollars, a not too expensive toy that could make children and adults happy and can make creative creations for the upcoming Easter holidays.

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