Black Desert in replay: strong heroes, limp remaster

Black Desert in replay: strong heroes, limp remaster

Black Desert in replay

Black Desert is now called Black Desert Remastered - and many other things have changed since our test. While the multiplayer sandbox began in Korea in 2015 with just eight hero classes, today there are many more of them on their battlefields. And because more mercenaries obviously need more space to serve, some new regions have been introduced over time. However, there was a need for action in other areas at the time of the release: A gender lock was a problem in the classes, access to the online game was synonymous with "grind", and the pearl shop - BDO's real money shop - cost some adventurers the last shirt.

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1 Black Desert-Replay: Even more beautiful heroes 2 Black Desert-Replay: A class Eldorado 3 Black Desert-Replay: Easier entry thanks to Olvia-Server 4 Black Desert-Replay : About updrafts and marketplaces 5 Black Desert Replay: More space to play 6 Black Desert Replay: Brave New World? 7 Black Desert replay: is it still worth it in 2021? 8 Still Outrageous: The Pearl Shop In order to sound out any improvements, we have used both a long-standing Darkblade and a new character, a warrior. While the newcomer was able to enjoy some simplifications, the more experienced combatant saw a lot of familiar things.


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Black Desert replay: Even more beautiful heroes

The dark blade is one of the long-established classes in Black Desert. However, to this day she does not have a male counterpart. Source: PC Games Why Black Desert was stamped "Remastered" is only partially revealed in the usual multi-faceted character editor. As usual, we can use it to create the hero or heroine of our dreams, for example by deforming lips asymmetrically, determining the hand size and even the angle of the hand, or changing the length and circumference of the limbs. We now do all of this in front of lighter backgrounds - and enjoy not only the real-time lighting, which has been visibly improved compared to 2016, but also slightly revised character animations and poses. On the other hand, there was hardly any work on the heroes' original level of detail; In-game, however, the models have gained in nuances. We particularly noticed the upgrades in the area of ​​the main and facial hair, which is now literally at a consistently high level.

Black Desert Replay: A class Eldorado

Since then Many new classes have been added to the EU launch in 2016. Here you can see eight of them. Source: PC Games Pearl Abyss has heard the call for non-gendered classes in so far as some warriors have received counter-gender counterparts over time. In keeping with her status, the golden blonde Nova corresponds roughly to a warrior, but instead of a sword she wields a morning star. Meanwhile, the elven ranger has her male likeness in the nobly dressed shooter, and the motley mystique follows the unarmed path of the warrior - a street fighter in medium armor. As of May, Black Desert's library of heroes comprises a total of 22 classes, several of which were added in 2017.

The editing options of the Black Desert character editor are not only unparalleled in the MMO segment. Source: PC Games The latest addition, the seer, is an ancient Roman magic fighter with the ability to bend the physical forces of space. In addition, he can ram mobs into the ground with Ator's conjured fist. Another, still young hero class is called Hasashin and lashes out with a scimitar and a multi-bladed dagger (haladie). In addition, the "desert fighter" draped with face chains has destructive sand magic. The bottom line is that neither the diversity nor the creativity of the character classes leave much to be desired; meanwhile there is something here for every style of play. In addition to the more or less common classes, there are also a few exotic species that cater to even the smallest niches of taste - including the Shai armed with a boomerang-like florang.

Black Desert replay: easier entry thanks to Olvia -Server

The editing options of the character editor of Black Desert are not only unparalleled in the MMO segment. Source: PC Games Since the dispute between Calpheon and Valencia can now be intervened by means of a large number of classes, corresponding ease of entry is necessary - and has been given since March 2020. We are talking about the Olvia server intended for beginners and returnees, which grants 100 percent more Combat XP and 30 percent more Talent XP for 30 days. In addition, the loot rate is higher on the Olvia server, but there are no wars of control or conquest. Players are considered "returned" after an absence of at least 30 days. Our new warrior benefited greatly from the Olvia server: although he did not reach the 25th character level in a flash, he did so comfortably within about ten hours. We mainly followed the main story, which never asked for more than 20 mob scalps at once and thus prevented an excessive feeling of grind.

What also made it easier for us to get started was the almost crazy amount in the early game phase in rewards. In fact, every time we logged in, we felt like Goldmarie under Ms. Holles magic gate, especially since EP boosts, upgrade crystals and everyday objects rained down on us. It is all too likely that Pearl Abyss will try to blow up our luggage with such reward sunamis, given the inventory space that can be bought. For the sake of fairness, however, it must be mentioned that our daily logins were sometimes rewarded with small baggage additions. However, getting started in Black Desert cannot be described as really easy. Since our last visit, some menu interfaces have been revised and made clearer; even the content of individual menu items can now be individually adapted. The flood of possibilities is and remains overwhelming in Black Desert at the beginning.

Black Desert-Replay: Of updrafts and marketplaces

Even heavy armor cannot withstand the mighty sword blows of a warrior for long. Source: PC Games Since 2016 there has been a coming and going within the fantasy spheres of Black Desert - in terms of the number of players even a coming. Good: During our last visits, only a few of the servers achieved a medium load at all, but seen over the years the MMORPG is on the upswing. With around 20,000 other players recently on Steam, we never felt alone, we were invited to guilds and watched many busy workers doing their daily work. The developers had to do a lot for this: In addition to regular quality-of-life improvements, new companions were added, the donkeys had to give way to the horses as a means of transport. Sensible changes to the quests, classes and monsters have also been made and existing areas have been expanded. In the course of this, Polly's Forest (an area populated by thieving goblins west of the Grána Post) was added, while the battle royale mode of the game, the shadow arena, had to clear the field.

Scenes like this let us forget for a moment that Black Desert has not been significantly improved visually. Source: PC Games One of the most drastic changes since the release is the central market introduced in 2019, which NPC traders are likely to encounter with mixed feelings. Because certain items - especially armor and weapons - can no longer be sold to traders, but have to be offered for sale on the marketplace. This is a fancy thing in itself, but it has two catches. Firstly, we cannot access the central market at any time, but have to seek out a barker that is unique to big cities. And secondly, we are not allowed to simply act from our inventory, no, we must first transfer the objects to be sold to our warehouse with a warehouse manager. Does it really have to be? For our part, we would have preferred a more direct route.

Black Desert Replay: More Room to Play

If the Dark Blade uses the "Wheel of Fate" ability, it has done for Killed the enemy with the grip on the ground. Source: PC Games As mentioned briefly, Black Desert's nameless game world has grown significantly over the years: no fewer than seven new areas have been added since the beginning, but some of them were already available at the Steam launch in May 2017. The regions newly implemented since then are the elven Kamasylvia and the barren highlands of Drieghan. Kamasylvia is located south of the city of Calpheon, is about the same size as the territory of the same name, and, in addition to various forests, is home to a wide steppe landscape. Incidentally, the high occurrence of prey makes Kamasylvia a good source of money, because dealers sell quite a bit of silver for prey beaks. Drieghan is located east of Kamasylvia and is considered the home of dwarves and giants. It contrasts with high mountains, swamps and a low fauna, but nevertheless has many resources to offer for high-level characters. And whoever kills the blood-red female dragon Garmoth there has a small chance of receiving a cute baby dragon pet from the world boss.

A single bandit warrior cannot do anything against such a cutting edge - but neither can several. Source: PC Games Meanwhile, Black Desert's game world measures almost 400,000 square kilometers, but Pearl Abyss does not want to leave it at that. A winter region called "Snowlands" will appear in South Korea at the end of the year, and another region ("Land of the Demons") is in preparation. It is not yet clear whether Europeans will also benefit from these expansions. A statement recently made by Executive Producer Kim Jae Hee that Europe is one of the most important service regions for online gaming gives us some hope. So let's wait and see.

Black Desert Replay: Brave New World?

Having your own four walls in Black Desert offers numerous advantages: One of them is the relaxing effect of a bed. Source: PC Games But what is this remastered label all about? Quite simply: The entire game world of Black Desert has been revised acoustically and visually - and allegedly so drastically that the remastered mode in the graphics options is only recommended for high-end PCs. In fact, the visual presentation has increased significantly compared to 2016. However, most of the new look comes from the effects alone. The brilliant lighting, the significantly higher number of particles, the realistic-looking depth of field and the volumetric fog, which really creates a lot of atmosphere, should be praised here. Differences in the vegetation as well as in the textures, on the other hand, are to be looked for with a magnifying glass, so it is hardly surprising that a combination of a halfway up-to-date hexa-core CPU and a GeForce GTX 1070 easily brings 60 frames per second to the screen in remastered mode, at the highest quality level and in busy areas. A GeForce GTX 970 managed 55 frames per second during our tests, even if we had to send all the other players home for it. So it can be said that Black Desert Remastered flattered our eyes, but we would have expected a lot more from a "high-end mode".

Black Desert Replay: Is it still worth it in 2021 ?

If you have been thinking about getting a taste of the popular Korean MMO for a long time, the time could hardly be more favorable. In spite of the stripped-down user interfaces, it should be noted that it is still not easy to look through the thicket of possibilities. Because in Black Desert there is icon after icon and quest after quest, it is important to invest in posts and hire day laborers for the labor inspectorate. But: We can gradually deal with all of these things; We are free to follow the main thread first and put in one or the other grind off the beaten track. For out-of-service veterans, returning is especially worthwhile if they turned their backs on the game before 2020. Because in addition to an (albeit economical) visual upgrade, many new classes and regions are waiting for "highs" - also in the future. This year, among other things, a co-op dungeon is to be placed in the open world that offers challenges for three to five players. And so boredom is likely to remain outside of Black Desert.

Still outrageous: The Pearl Shop

Black Desert in replay: strong heroes, limp remaster (2) Source: PC Games As in the early days of Black Desert, the pearl shop offers ample opportunity to burn off excess real money. If you want to increase your maximum load by 300 LT, you have to shell out the equivalent of 28 euros. Or how about the "White Bengal Cat" premium set? It contains a helmet, a top, shoes as well as a secondary and a revival weapon - at a price of a good 34 euros (including the real revival). However, it can be a bit more expensive, for example with an extravagant picnic set for almost 54 euros, which comes along quite symbolically with a butler.

In contrast, the basic game is currently 10 euros cheaper, while the bundle prices have increased were. The Master Bundle (formerly Traveller's Package) now costs 20 euros, the Legendary Bundle (Explorer's Package) is available for around 80 euros.

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