Phison and Cigent together for SSD resistant to ransomware and data theft

Phison and Cigent together for SSD resistant to ransomware and data theft

Phison and Cigent have introduced a jointly developed SSD platform that protects against ransomware and data theft with mechanisms built directly into the firmware. Drives also encrypt and automatically hide data from prying eyes in the event of an attack.

Antivirus can detect known malware and analyze program behavior to detect potentially dangerous behavior patterns. However, custom ransomware developed by hacking groups can remain harmless and undetected until it is too late, leaving systems open to attack. Therefore, in many cases it makes sense to protect your data at the hardware level as it is more secure.

Cigent's Secure SSD K2 and Secure SSD Denali drives are based on Phison's PS5012-E12DC Crypto-SSD NVMe controllers and are equipped with security features built into the firmware, as well as the Dynamic Data Defense Engine for Windows (D³E) software. When a threat is detected, these drives encrypt and automatically hide sensitive files from the operating system level in "safe rooms". In fact, Cigent's drives can operate in a sort of "dual mode", dividing an SSD into private / secure and non-private / independent storage partitions that are invisible to each other and to potential threats. Meanwhile, to protect data from physical theft, Cigent's drives are also equipped with attack detectors and sensors.

In addition, Cigent's Denali Secure SSD can actually detect ransomware (although it's unclear if it's firmware that detects a program that is encrypting data or whether the function is performed by the D³E software) and will support machine learning-based data protection later this year.

Greg Scansny, CTO of Cigent, said:

Cigent's Secure SSD product family was developed by Cigent's team of data recovery and cybersecurity experts, working closely with Phison's storage experts. This combined team has built integrated data protection solutions, making access from unauthorized sources virtually impossible. Software-only security is often easily bypassed, but our patented, multi-layered system will give customers the peace of mind that sensitive data and their digital assets are securely stored and protected.

Previously purchasable only by select government agencies and the US military, Cigent's Secure SSDs will now be available to a wider audience. The K2 Secure SSD and D³E software are already available starting at $ 299 for a 480GB drive. Cigent's Denali Secure SSDs will launch this summer in 480GB, 1TB and 2TB configurations.

Additionally, Cigent has developed its FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified Secure SSD exclusively for the US government and military. Recently the Flexxon company, based in Singapore. has launched its solution runs AI security in the firmware of the drive.

On top of that, the key highlights of the product:
  • Protect against known or unknown ransomware attacks
  • Independent real-time data protection without software defenses
  • Plug and play solution with user-friendly interface
  • No cybersecurity talents/experience required
  • Save money and time on technology adoption and talent sourcing for SME and Enterprises
  • Easy adoption for Corporations to support in their effective holistic cyber defense plan

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