Vivid, the platform that teaches you how to manage your money arrives in Italy

Vivid, the platform that teaches you how to manage your money arrives in Italy


Vivid Money, a start-up that combines banking and investments in a single app, arrives in Italy today. The German fintech wants to educate its users to manage their money, in a safe and risk-free way, even for those who are approaching the world of investments for the first time. bank account with German IBAN and a metal Visa debit card. The card - also available in virtual form - does not report any data and can be locked and unlocked with a single click; Vivid is also working on integration with Google Pay and other major payment platforms.

Registration is free with the Standard account, but for the first three months you also have all the additional benefits of the account Prime, which can be activated later for € 9.90 per month. We refer you to the official website for more information.

Many banking services within reach of the app

One of the major conveniences that Vivid offers in the banking sector is that of being able to create secondary accounts - the “Pocket” - each with its own IBAN. Pockets can be useful for dedicating a specific budget to a specific purpose, but they also have the advantage of being able to be shared with other users, thus simplifying the management of expenses, rents and bills between multiple people. On the other hand, the possibility of adding currencies other than the euro (over 100 are available, without any exchange fees) is particularly useful, especially in the event of a trip abroad.

The app also allows you to play with a simple drag-and-drop a multitude of operations, from transferring liquidity between accounts to sending or requesting money to another user. Finally, smart analytics allow you to monitor your daily expenses and recurring payments, tracking all active subscriptions to services such as YouTube or Netflix.

The evolution of Cashback

Vivid wants to introduce people to investments by bringing a great evolution thanks to the cashback tool. In fact, for the first time ever, Vivid's cahsback is being issued not in monetary form, but as fractions of shares of the world's largest companies. Having chosen their favorite companies, the user will then be able to see their savings grow together with the performance of the securities.

Cashback is still the protagonist with promotional initiatives dedicated to specific commercial activities. For example, the “Champion” program rewards the user who spends the most in a certain bar or restaurant, while the “Super Offers” allow reserved discounts with the most important Italian and foreign brands, inviting a friend to join Vivid.

Investments and cryptocurrencies in a single app

In addition to the innovative role played by cashback, Vivid will shortly launch Vivid Invest in Italy, a specific section dedicated to investments. It will be possible to buy - with a few clicks and starting from just € 0.01 - a wide range of 1,000 shares listed on the American and European lists, in most cases without paying any commission.

In addition, specific Pockets will be dedicated to cryptocurrencies, with the possibility of buying the 10 main cryptocurrencies on the market, from Bitcoin to Ethereum, always starting from € 0.01.

This is an inclusive service and innovative, which allows you to get a free current account and new tools for your financial management. If you are looking for a good current account, we recommend that you take a look at our guide dedicated to the best zero-cost current accounts.

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