The Tormenta Circuit arrives in Italy: the challenges on LoL, Valorant and Wild Rift are underway

The Tormenta Circuit arrives in Italy: the challenges on LoL, Valorant and Wild Rift are underway

The Tormenta Circuit arrives in Italy

Riot Games announces the start of a new amateur competition: starting today it will be possible to register for the Tormenta Circuit which arrives for the first time in Italy and will allow all players to compete in games such as League of Legends, Valorant and LoL Wild Rift.

The competition will be supported by exceptional partners: PG Esports x League of Legends, ProGaming x Valorant and Qlash x Wild Rift. The Tormenta Circuit is a great project by Riot Games designed to bring amateurs to be able to compete at a higher level, close to professionalism. Participation is open to all non-professional players (over 14 years old) who want to compete in a competition structured on several levels. The tournament will take place throughout the year and will primarily include the official events of the Circuit but will also be open to the possibility of integrating events organized by the Italian communities of LoL, Valorant and League of Legends Wild Rift.

The different stages, which from time to time will guarantee a precise quantity of points depending on the importance, will make it possible to create a ranking that will give access to a real amateur league of the reference game. At the end of the season, the best of the league will participate in the grand final which, depending on the game, will give access to the next step of the competitive pyramid.

"Bringing the Tormenta Circuit format to Italy is a step forward for Riot Games fundamental for the evolution of the competitive ecosystem in the territory, giving everyone the opportunity to compete with a path of real growth as players. In countries like Spain, where the circuit has already been a reality for years, this competition has given us many satisfactions and has allowed unknown players to get noticed by the best professional teams in the world "says Carlo Barone, Brand Manager of Riot Games.

"The advent of the Tormenta di Valorant Circuit represents a new chapter in the history of the export of our country. Thanks to the collaboration with Riot Games we have the opportunity to create the competitive scene on Valorant from scratch, starting from foundations and keeping the players and the community as a fixed point. The goal is in fact to build the home of Valorant fans: a point of reference, a space where everyone will recognize each other and can live the competitive experience with many tournaments that we will organize during the year. For us at ProGaming Italia, the Tormenta Circuit is not just an innovative project with great potential: it represents a challenge that we are excited to take up to raise the level of exports in Italy again "explains Valentina Malagò, Sr. Project Manager of ProGaming Italia.

"It is a source of pride and great satisfaction for us to take the opportunity to expand our collaboration with Riot Games also to the grassroots scene of League of Legends. The national debut of the Tormenta Circuit represents a unique opportunity for the League of Legends community to get noticed and to take a first important step towards professionalism. All players willing to embark on a competitive path will now have much more chance to get noticed by the Italian teams participating in the PG NATS of League of Legends. The hope is that the Tormenta Circuit becomes an important nursery to train the champions of the future! "says Pier Luigi Parnofiello, CEO & Founder PG Esports.

" We are honored to have been selected by RIOT as the organizing partner of the Tormenta circuit for Wild Rift. It is for us at QLASH the perfect opportunity to continue to develop our beating heart, that is the community and to demonstrate our value also in the organizational field "finally confirms Luca Pagano, CEO of QLASH.

Starting today it is it is therefore possible to register for the 2021 Tormenta Circuit, with the first stage of League of Legends Wild Rift scheduled soon. More details on the Instagram pages of Valorant, LoL and Wild Rift.

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