A traffic jam has developed in the Suez Canal

A traffic jam has developed in the Suez Canal

A mega cargo ship ran aground, thus blocking the passage of other freighters along one of the busiest trade routes in the world

A ship is blocking the Suez Canal (Instagram photo by user fallenhearts17) A ship container 400 meters long and 59 wide ran aground across the Suez Canal in Egypt, blocking the passage of all vessels on one of the most traveled commercial routes in the world since yesterday, 23 March. The canal is crossed by 7% of world merchant traffic and could remain blocked for a long time.

The mega-ship Ever Given, of Taiwanese Evergreen Marine Corp, was reaching the Netherlands after having left China. Shortly after entering the Red Sea channel, according to the company, she would turn sideways due to a "gust of wind", causing the bow bulb to run aground below the channel's right bank. The incident occurred at 7.40 am Egypt on Tuesday and, after a day of attempts to move it, the ship is still in the same position. Tugboats were sent to the scene to try to turn it and some excavators to remove the sand where the bow got aground.

After all day trying to refloat the mega container ship 'Ever Given', in the Suez Canal , there is a steady log jam of ships waiting in the Mediterranean & Red Sea and in the canal itself pic.twitter.com/aGFKieoWqE

- N South (@nat_ahoy) March 23, 2021

Currently over one hundred ships, both north and south of the canal, are blocked waiting to pass, including several oil tankers. However, it is feared that it may take a few days to straighten the Ever Given and, should the blockade persist, the waiting boats will have to circumnavigate Africa to reach their destinations.

In addition to the news, which is tragicomic in itself, the tracking of the ship's course since it left the waiting anchorage before entering the canal, contributes to making this story even more special.

OH NO: misfortune's unerring aim touched #EVERGIVEN 's track as it departed the designated anchorage and steamed into the Canal.

(innocent, but terrible luck)

Source: https: / /t.co/MsTUgVgyTH pic.twitter.com/6YIrpz4i9C

- John Scott-Railton (@jsrailton) March 24, 2021

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