Best Controller to Play Warzone | May 2021

Best Controller to Play Warzone | May 2021

What is the best controller for Warzone? Recently launched compared to other exponents of the battle-royale, to replace what was Blackout in Black Ops 4, Call of Duty: Warzone has gained a lot of space and in a short time. Especially on consoles it has exploded completely, rivaling the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends. It must be said that as far as style is concerned, it faces a completely different path, not moving so far from having a realistic look.

Competing with such a vast community, however, is not easy: here because we decided to recommend the best controllers to play them at their best. Of course this does not mean that if you were losing defeats yesterday, today you will be collecting victories. It is simply a big and substantial help that facilitates various in-game maneuvers, thanks to the capabilities and the multiple buttons of the controllers that we are going to show you. Before proceeding, we remind you that HERE you will find a guide dedicated to the best pro controllers in general.

The best controllers to play Warzone

Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon Razer Raiju Elite Controller Series 2 Razer Wolverine

Best for PlayStation 4

Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon is a practically perfect solution for competitive gaming on PlayStation 4, therefore also for Call of Duty: Warzone. Inspired by what Microsoft has done with the Elite series, Nacon releases this very useful but also expensive device for the Sony console.

Let's start with the packaging, which immediately makes clear its nature as a premium controller: the box is in fact full of accessories, from spare analog sticks to padding to be inserted inside the two handles to significantly increase the weight and return an even more successful grip. The construction quality is also what one would expect from a high quality product: every single material is worked to the best, designed to give excellent sensations to the wearer; the same goes for the frets, which are really excellent.

But let's get to the highlight, perhaps the reason that will prompt many of you to buy this model, which is the addition of more frets than the traditional Dualshock 4. In addition to a significantly better directional cross, Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon contains a series of buttons placed on the back, reachable with the middle finger. Among these we also find the profile switch, because yes, this controller also allows you to save multiple configurations at the same time, in order to find them all ready for use. But the real highlight are the 4 buttons that can be completely mapped to your liking, which allow you to perform actions without taking your thumbs off the levers; an example is the reload, the slide and so on.

In short, maximum comfort and excellent results, all at a price that is around 160 euros but which is often discounted, which is why we recommend you look at the reference links.

But there is a problem: the controller we have indicated has an asymmetrical distribution of the analogs that could don't convince some users. At this point, if you really can't accept this "problem," we suggest the Razer Raiju Ultimate, a version very similar to the model proposed by Nacon. The price, however, ranges from 180 to 200 euros, based on the offers currently available. if, on the other hand, you want to embrace the Razer form factor, the asymmetrical levers in line with the Xbox One controller and save a little ", you can opt for the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition which, based on the color you are going to choose, is offered at starting at 120 euros.

The best for Xbox One and Series X | S

It might seem like a trivial choice, discounted. But why fall back on other brands when Microsoft itself offers an exceptional controller? In fact it would not make any sense, except in rare cases concerning the price. It must be said that anyone who wants to make an investment of this type does not have a very limited budget, otherwise little would change from a traditional controller.

Elite Controller Series 2 is a device rich in additional features, beautifully built and compatible with the whole family of Xbox consoles, from the traditional One, One X to the next Series X.

We said that the price is not really of the lowest, it is in fact around 150 euros. If you want to spend a little less, we therefore recommend cheaper alternatives. The first and inevitable is Elite Series 1, a bit difficult to find after the release of its big brother but still very handsome and comfortable to use. The features are almost identical to its updated version or to the Nacon we suggested for PlayStation 4, so we will avoid repeating ourselves.

We are a little sorry that we have nothing to recommend to players who hate the asymmetrical setup of the levers, but unlike what happens for PS4, unfortunately the market does not offer much.

The best for PC

We assume that on PC, to obtain optimal results you just need to equip yourself with a good gaming keyboard accompanied by a suitable mouse. However, if you are here it means that you need a controller, a device that can greatly improve your sessions in Warzone.

First of all, the models we have recommended for PlayStation 4 and Xbox are also compatible with the PC, so if you've already spotted the model that's right for you, just click one of the links we left above. Alternatively we can show you Razer Wolverine, a controller certainly a little less sophisticated than the other devices listed, but still valid and significantly better than traditional solutions.

How to Choose the Best Controller for Warzone

Analog Arrangements

A great debate that has been going on for some time: is symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement better? Difficult to answer, perhaps not even so correct to do so. The truth is that it all depends on your habits and comfort, there is no better arrangement. Trivially, if you are used to playing on PlayStation, and this is an article dedicated to PS4 controllers, you will probably be used to a symmetrical arrangement; the opposite is true if you are an Xbox player.


Hours and hours spent in front of your favorite game, maybe even a competitive one. It is normal to get tired! After a while your hands will not want to know more and the controller handle will become more and more slippery. When dealing with very long sessions, you have to make sure 100% that you are comfortable with the controller, and to do so you must first choose - as we said before - the most comfortable analog arrangement, and secondly a controller suitable for our hands, small or large. they are. Also not to be underestimated are some anti-slip textures, in case you have hands that are particularly sensitive to sweat.

Additional features

Not particularly necessary in the case of controllers designed exclusively for the Sony console , but suitable for the most demanding players. In case you usually face many competitive games, or maybe you aim to become real expert players, in this case there are two solutions: switch to the PC with mouse and keyboard, or, and if you are here it is your case, buy a controller that has many additional functions such as extra fully mappable keys and levers located on the back of the controller. In this way, the controller will become perfect for the game in question and the games will get a nice boost!

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